4th Annual Mystic Gathering


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4th Annual Mystic Gathering

Saturday, June 4, 2016 – 10:30-4:00pm

Royal Oak Senior Community Center

Arise Spiritual Retreat and Wellness Center announces its 4th Annual Mystic

Gathering. This Holistic Wellness Fair is a yearly fundraiser for the continuation of the

Arise Spiritual Retreat and Wellness Center – a non-profit organization whose goal is to

provide retreats, tools, programs and services to help people heal and become well in

mind, body and spirit.

About Arise: On 9/11 war was brought to our shores and the stress of it was felt in

every community. Kathleen Casas, a nurse in the mental health field saw the way these

highly challenging and turbulent times were impacting humanity and wanted to do

something about it. Her vision was create a place for people to go to heal naturally.

Kathleen believed building a community of holistic healthcare professionals would

enhance the normal healing abilities our bodies already possess. A team of earth

angels, all with roots in holistic and integrative medicine gathered beneath Kathleen’s

wings to make her vision come to life.

The vision being, a center that offered holistic retreats along with a wide variety of

wellness services. The core message of this center is “A spiritual regular retreat is

essential to a healthy lifestyle.” They called it Arise Spiritual Retreat and Wellness

Center. Arise chose to dedicate its services to strengthening the core of the family.

Their focus is on helping multi-generational families learn how to live in balance through

education in nutrition, managing stress wisely, care giving, and how to have fun

together while being productive.

The programs at Arise are geared specifically toward helping people with

interdisciplinary professionals and programs that take a holistic approach to health and

healing. The directors of Arise believe in Living Medicine, the marriage of allopathic

medicine with integrative, complementary and alternative treatments, which are holistic

and treat the whole person. Living Medicine recognizes multiple causes of illness,

encourages patients in taking responsibility for the management of their health and

recognizes the importance of spiritual health and assists individuals with making

necessary lifestyle and behavioral changes that lead to healthy life, rather than a life of

It’s the intention of Arise to empower their clients with the ability to be part of the healing

process. Then take that home and empower the whole family to live a sustaining life

The event: At the 4th Annual Mystic Gathering, 50+ vendors and healing practitioners will

be providing wellness education, alternative healing treatments to experience, and

products to consider. All are geared toward creating health and wellness in the family.

The theme is “Family Wellness Matters”, placing the focus on family health, caregiving

and creating abundance together. A special room will be dedicated to parent/child

activities. We believe when the family is healthy, so goes the community. In addition,

you’ll find angel card readers, tarot, and messages from spirit, silent auction, jewelry &

art vendors, and more!!

Please join us for a day of learning, fun and mind opening experiences. Our goal is to

provide a taste of what Arise aspires to be, A Place to Retreat so we all can grow up

healthy, happy and strong.

The Fourth Annual Mystic Gathering will take place Saturday, June 4th, 2016 from

10:30am til 4:00pm at the Royal Oak Senior Community Center, 3500 Marais Ave,

Royal Oak, MI 48073. Admission is $10 at the door, children under 12 are free.

Additional information about the event and vendor/sponsorship opportunities can be

obtained on their website: www.AriseSpiritualRetreat.org.


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