Is It Time?


Time is an interesting concept that we deal with every day. When we are children, time moves as slow as molasses in February – to borrow a phrase I heard as a child. As we get older, time picks up so much speed that many people wonder where it went!

Realizing that our lives are finite often leads to soul searching about whether or not we are making the best use of our time here on this planet. And, are there things that may affect the quantity of our time here? These are pretty heavy questions until we start breaking them down. Then, as all true things tend to be, it’s actually quite simple.

I believe strongly that we influence the quality of our lives by what we do, what we consume, how we act, our attitudes, and whom we spend our time with. This essentially describes the science of Epi-genetics. Genes produce healthy or sick cells based on the influence of our world. Whether our genes are expressed in the creation of healthy or unhealthy cells is influenced by the cumulative choices we make 24/7.

There are always outside forces in real life, some that make us age faster and some that make us age slower. Since most people want to improve the quality of their life and extend it in a healthy way, let’s look at lifestyle choices that seem to have the most impact when it comes to aging.

Taking smoke of any form into the body is one of the worst offenders for accelerating aging. Most substances that are intentionally smoked are expensive and addictive. Science shows that inhaling smoke of any kind damages your body and your brain.

Another substance attributed to accelerated aging is refined sugar. This chemical has done more harm than almost anything else. It is so dangerous, in part because it appears innocent. Once you start consuming it, you continue to want more and more. Sugar is inflammatory – and inflammation has been shown to be the hallmark of all major disease.

Although sugar is used in small quantities in the body, your cells try to lock the sugar out to protect themselves from burning up when the sugar level rises. Insulin rises to push the sugar in, but as the sugar increases the cells become more resistant to the insulin. Eventually, the cells prefer to die rather than be damaged by the sugar. Think Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other degenerative diseases.

Processed, devitalized foods that contain additives, preservatives, MSG, and/or artificial sweeteners contribute to poor health, advanced aging, and many diseases including cancer.

Fortunately there are just as many things that can help slow down aging. Eating clean food is a good place to start. Organic is always preferable but some foods typically have fewer chemicals even if they aren’t organic. For example, bananas and avocados are okay to be conventional while apples, strawberries and celery should be organic. To learn which fruits and vegetables are cleanest or dirtiest, visit:

There are some highly important nutrients everyone needs on a daily basis that are difficult to obtain through one’s diet.

Omega 3 fish oil, high quality, non-rancid, micro filtered for hydrocarbons – not mercury. The mercury does not squeeze out of the fish with the oils. Adults need a minimum of 3 grams omega 3 fish oil per day. Some experts tell us to take as much as we can afford above 3 grams per day, because it’s that important. It is a ‘wonder food’ and pain killer. Regular and proper use of omega 3 fish oil is estimated by some experts to lengthen one’s life by 20 years. Way better than other Cox 2 inhibitor drugs, it won’t give you a heart attack or stroke. If you have severe pain, then more fish oil is recommended in the literature. Be sure to take omega 3 cofactors with it as it could become rancid in your body.

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in the body. It is very protective from traumatic brain injuries, so if you or your children play sports, it’s a must. If you eat food that you do not prepare, MSG is often added as a flavor enhancer. Magnesium can help protect you from its effects.

It is beneficial for certain types of heart problems, again controlling calcium activity as it does in the case of MSG poisoning. It is also necessary for the release of energy when your body burns its energy packets –ATP’s.

Obtain 5,000 to 10,000 IU per day of a high quality non-synthetic Vitamin D3. Synthetics can cause serious health conditions. Monitor until you score 60 – 80 on your blood test. A free fatty acid such as Cataplex F or Vitamin K2 will keep your blood calcium from running too high when taking Vitamin D, a cause of concern for some health care professionals.

A high quality multiple vitamin can lengthen a life by an average of 9.5 years. CoQ10 is very beneficial for the heart and is destroyed by statin drugs so take more if needed to balance out your situation. Help your energy producing mitochondria by using Acetyl L-Carnitine and Alpha lipoic acid according to Dr. Bruce Amen, MD.

Taking the precursors to Glutathione is very important. If you take glutathione directly, it is lost in digestion so you must make your own. Glutathione is your body’s best detoxifier.

What else can you do? Exercise has been shown to have incredible results in both improving health and the quality of life. We have designed specific exercises for our patients and our patient athletes. Never forget that the most important ingredient in your health is getting adjusted. The change I see in people of all ages after an adjustment is one of the most miraculous things one can behold this side of heaven, so don’t miss out on that. There are no substitutes.

Dr. William H. Karl, D.C.
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