Find Your Passion & Follow Your Soul’s Path


Find Your Passion & Follow Your Soul’s Path
By Marybeth Rombach Nelson

How is your life going so far? Are you happy? Do you feel passionate about your life and what you are doing as a profession? The answers to these questions are important for you to consider. You deserve to be passionately living your life now! Journal your answers to these questions and make a list of what changes need to happen to make yourself happy and whole.

You are the one that has all of the power in your life to make change happen for you! What an exciting and empowered soul are you! If you are happy and feel like you are following the yearnings of your soul, great! The more you listen to your inner wisdom of your soul, the more attuned you will be with your soul’s path in this lifetime. If some changes need to be made to align with your soul’s path, start making minor changes daily and before you know it big changes will happen.

Do more of what makes you happy and light-hearted. Ask yourself, If I could do anything, what would it be? Write down your thoughts daily; you really do have infinite possibilities available as options in your life. Let go of fear of mistakes you might make; mistakes teach us and help us expand and grow at a soul level. Be brave and go after what you’re passionate about in your career, causes, friendships and lovers. The time to live is now!

I am listening daily to my personal soul messages.
I am ready to make positive changes in my life now.
I know my soul has vast wisdom to share with me.
I am ready to become aligned with my soul’s path for this lifetime.
I believe, I receive and I’m so very grateful.

Marybeth Rombach Nelson, Author, Intuitive, & Reiki Master

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