Smiles That Radiate


Smiles That Radiate
By Dr. Tim Reilly

The best first impression you can leave on anyone is a beautiful, radiant smile. This requires pearly white, perfectly aligned teeth, which may not be the case for many people in their everyday life. Some people need 치아교정 (brace) to straighten their teeth, others need an implant and a few realize that bleaching, strip-whitening, and professional cleanings are more often than not insufficient for the people with severe deformities, scarring or discoloration. These problems can be a result of illnesses, nutrient deficiencies and/or genetic defects. The above mentioned solutions to these problems are usually expensive and time-consuming as well as extremely painful. Veneers are a modern, enhanced solution for the easy enhancement of teeth.

The best, most viable and affordable substitute for this is the new, revolutionary “Lumineers”. Lumineers is an advanced veneer product with extremely thin, remarkably strong, patented Cerinate porcelain composition. The porcelain component makes it stable, and binds it perfectly with the teeth. Porcelain retains color and composure long after the application, and can last up to 20 years in the most ideal cases. The porcelain in Lumineers has the power to change your smile permanently and easily. The porcelain layer can be as thin as contact lenses, credited to today’s technologies and the advancements in applications and procedures. Lumineers can be used to not only hide the discoloration of teeth, but also the deformities and the distorted structures. Broken and chipped teeth can also be fixed quite easily with the porcelain Lumineers.

For the application of the porcelain layer, the enamel of the teeth has to be removed and the sharp, broken parts have to be rounded off. However, such is not the case with Lumineers. The Lumineers can be applied swiftly and easily in most cases. Lumineers helps not only with the physical shape of the teeth, but also with the confidence and self-image of the patients undergoing the transition. In most cases, the Lumineers can be applied painlessly, even without shots. This gentle, perfect application is only possible with a great level of dexterity and a gentle touch of precision provided only by Lumineers. The benefits of the Lumineers also include but are not limited to, the enlargement of teeth and filling the gaps of missing teeth. The function of the teeth is also greatly improved which provides patients with ease of food consumption, speech, and apt oral use.

The existing and previous cases of Lumineers application under the precise care of Dr. Reilly show exactly how much of an improvement is possible with the use of Lumineers. Lumineers are perfectly suitable for almost everyone, except the patients of Bruxism and those with extremely weak teeth or even enamel. Nevertheless, Lumineers, when applied, gives you the picture perfect result with extremely reasonable physical, economical and time consumption. Lumineers is no doubt the most aesthetically pleasing, functional and the best conservative treatment in this age and field and most definitely, the best treatment for you.

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Dr. Tim Reilly graduated from U of D Mercy in 1996, with his undergraduate from Eastern Michigan University. His Bloomfield Hills practice of 19 years focuses on family, cosmetic, and implant dentistry with a holistic approach. He has helped many patients become mercury free, using a conservative approach, as we use digital x-rays for minimal radiation.


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