Leap and the Net Will Appear


Leap and the Net Will Appear
By Faith Brower

If we want something with all our heart, why don’t we get it? For example, I want a relationship with a funny, well-endowed (financially people; get your minds out of the gutter!), spiritual man. So, why am I not attracting him into my life? The more I research, I am figuring out that there is an obstacle that is keeping my desires from me. I am working out, asterminding, and meditating regularly to stay in good physical and emotional shape so that I am appealing to the eyes and soul. I am kind and a hard worker, willing to be a team player. And I often crack myself up, so I imagine that others might also think I have a fairly good sense of humor. So why is Mr. Right not knocking at my door?

With further thought, I have come to the conclusion that the obstacle is not something we are or are not DOING. It is something we are BEING. If we are not being love, meaning feeling connected to Spirit, feeling peaceful, trusting and empowered, then we are being in fear of something. Fear works consciously in our lives — when we are freaked out by a large bug or surprised by a car that suddenly pulls in front of us. AND being in fear of something can subconsciously be in our thoughts, keeping us from our desires.

Yes, FEAR is the obstacle that we are allowing to block us from our desires! I will use myself again as an example. I am a perfectionist. Perfectionists often have a fear of failure. These subconscious messages, like fear of failure, probably started appearing in our lives before we were seven years old. For me, as a young child, I was expected to behave perfectly — in public, at school, and when things got rough at home so as not to add more burdens to the grown-ups. If something is not done perfectly it is not good, or it is a failure, is the message I have carried around. I am now learning that because something is not perfect, does not mean it is a failure.

If I want to receive or achieve something, I am going to have to accept less than perfect – by the standards I have created in my thoughts. I am going to have to try something, allow something or someone into my life, and delegate tasks to others trusting that the outcome is in divine order. Letting go and leaping, while knowing the net will appear, is how we receive and achieve the desires of our heart.

It takes courage to let go of these subconscious fears. Grab hold of the rope, and let’s leap together!

Faith Brower

Faith is President of Unity of Farmington Hills, an Empowerment Center of love, music to rock your soul, and laughter. UFH has served and empowered those searching for the Truth for over 18 years. Join us on Sundays at 10a.m., 32500 W. 13 Mile Rd.


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