Living a Successful Life in Today’s World


Living a Successful Life in Today’s World
By Barbara Smith

Life is being expanded and redefined today. We no longer live in a world of rugged individualism, cut off from our hearts and our bodies; yet how do we navigate in this new world of higher energy that is coming to our planet?

As we acknowledge some of the new possibilities that we are beginning to open up to, it’s important to remember it’s not about being right or winning. That is what we are leaving behind, and it requires our patience and understanding to do so. Those concepts that fueled the three-dimensional consciousness of the Piscean age are what drove us out of our hearts and closed our souls with fear, doubt and negativity. When these long-imprinted concepts arise, and we see them as simply old habits that need our understanding, we can recognize and release them through loving acceptance, allowing the limitation to be replaced with the heart energy available now in the Intuition Age.

Success today means living fully inside our bodies and hearts, knowing how to connect with our soul through our spirit. This is our true center and our personal frequency.

Starting with ourself requires courage and the clarity to know the difference between self-centeredness and being centered. This builds our reality from the inside into a sphere that connects to the unified field surrounding us. This connection then creates unlimited possibilities. From here we can feel secure in a new way, knowing we have access to unlimited supply, possibility and permission. Operating from our sphere of wisdom and energy, we can connect holographically to others and co-create exponentially. From here our lives expand effortlessly, allowing a natural flow of comfort, instant manifestation and healing.

In learning how to work from the inside out we are literally the architect of our magnetic field, attracting consciously, and becoming more and more the true master of our destiny.

“There is no need to run outside for better seeing, nor to peer from a window. Rather, abide at the center of your being, for the moment you leave it, the less you learn.” Lao Tzu

Barbara Rose Smith, MSW

Barbara Rose Smith has worked as a psychotherapist with adults and families since the late 1970’s. She has developed many specialties, but her foundation is in transpersonal (spiritual) psychology.


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