Opening to Opportunity


Opportunity and miracles are waiting for you to show up. Stop waiting for your good to happen, and instead ask, “What must I become?” Your inner growth aligns you with the prosperity, love, and good that is constantly flowing in Life.

You are an instrument of God. You are made with exquisite care and love. When an instrument is out of tune, do you yell at it? Do you ask, “Why, why, why?” No–this is insane, right? Instead of continuing to argue with your limitations (the out of tune-ness), reach for self-soothing thoughts, pray, go into nature, forgive yourself, meditate, call a therapist, etc. Stop trying to “figure out” why you are out of tune, and instead choose self-love through kind thoughts and actions.

Running in Hines Park, I saw a goose that had been hit by a car. Spirit guided me to stop and say a prayer. Then I saw the hit goose’s mate on the other side. I felt its pain, and said, “I am sorry on behalf of all humans,” then I felt Love energy move through me to the goose. The goose then proceeded to walk very close past its hit mate and me, to join its flock in the field. I returned back to my run. Then about a half mile down the road something even crazier, and awesome, happened.

A car with a family began to flag me down. A wife and husband with two teenage kids pulled up. The woman said, “Were you calling the police? We don’t have our phones. I hate people. The man in the truck meant to hit the goose! I am so upset.” I responded with gentleness, “No. Actually I was saying a prayer for the goose. I felt its pain and offered it healing…. people only hurt things when they are in pain or feel unworthy. Don’t forget, the man needs the prayer now more than the goose.” Then the woman and the kids began to cry and thank me.

The woman then said, “We just came from a fellowship of prayer. This is so meant to be! This is unreal!” I then noticed all of their shirts said “I Believe.” I reminded them, “Don’t ever forget, self-attack leads to external attack. When people know they are unconditionally loved, they are naturally kind to animals, people, and the environment. And maybe that goose gave its life so the man could receive love from us. Or maybe the opportunity here is an opening of our hearts to greater compassion and forgiveness.” The man then looked at me with moist eyes, “Thank you.”

Your ordinary everyday life is your mission and opportunity to align with the miracles waiting to happen in your life. God/Love/Beauty–seeks to be known through you. You can tap into the power of the Universe through being present and willing to Love. “Crazy” miracles are the natural symptom of your full engagement in life, and your willingness to love.

Is there really an “unknown” in life? I am asking you because the more I hear heart-wrenching stories from my clients about their lives, and the more time I spend on this planet, I realize that there is NO unknown. What do I mean by this? The details, conditions, and circumstances become less and less important as I hear many times from clients something like, “Oh, this (condition, situation, illness, tragedy, etc.) is really about love? In loving me, I open up to the answer? In loving me, I shift into seeing the answer that has always been there?!” Every problem in your life is an opportunity to see with new eyes and open to the good that is within and around you. Love is always the answer.

Even though I say “love is the answer,” I don’t mean a New Age mushy squishy love. I mean a love that includes discernment, nonreactive loving psychological boundaries, healthy clear communication, and real human connection. “Loving and connecting” includes autonomy, clear energetic boundaries, and sovereignty.

Self-love takes work and daily practice. Spiritual or religious bypassing of the inner work leads to people getting high, not free. Psychology without spirituality or religious practice leads to analysis paralysis. Spirituality and/or religion without inner psychological work leads to fanatics who judge or hurt others in the name of God.
Loving from your own felt awareness of love will cause future-izing the present moment to progressively fall away. Opening to opportunity requires the mind to let got of the “known” problem and to see the “unknown” as fertile potential. Make friends with the fear within, and you will begin to see every problem as an opportunity for something greater. Be patient with yourself. Personally grow with curiosity instead of ambition. Your life will be a lot easier. Grow slowly, and the life-changing “fruit” will be larger.

Let loving others be the symptom of your own self-love. Claim your sovereignty through self-love and you will no longer sacrifice your needs, seek others’ approval, or deny your co-creative power to change your life.

By Barbra White


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