Putting a Spring In Your Step


Putting a Spring In Your Step
By Dr. Carol Ann Fischer, B.S., D.C., N.D.

Spring is here! The sun is shining. Flowers are blooming and the air is warming. Just as we clean our homes in the spring, we need to cleanse our body. All native cultures around the world have spring rituals involving body cleansing to eliminate toxins that have been stored during the winter.

The liver is responsible for detoxifying all the chemicals that we are exposed to through our diet, water, personal care products and the environment. Our amazing liver also performs 500 functions.

The liver stores toxins in body fat if it cannot neutralize and eliminate them. This creates unwanted body fat that is difficult to get rid of. The liver is an efficient fat burning organ, but when it is overloaded with toxins, it cannot burn fat, resulting in unwanted weight gain.

An overload of chemical toxins damages the digestive system. The toxins leak from the damaged gut into the body, where the liver has to remove them. The liver becomes overloaded attempting to detoxify all the toxins. Then the toxins are returned to the gut, further altering the pH and causing more gut damage.

Leaky gut is the result of toxic overload. Some common leaky gut symptoms are indigestion, spring allergies or sinus congestion, poor absorption, fatigue, food allergies, and autoimmune reactions. Leaky gut needs to be repaired with the correct nutrition before successful liver detoxification can occur.

The key to reducing toxic load is to help the liver. The liver is located under the rib cage on the front right side of the body. It needs assistance if you experience right upper back pain, right shoulder pain, right-sided headaches, and indigestion or discomfort over the liver. Having a functioning nervous system and the specific nutrients your body needs to handle toxins is also vital for optimal liver function.

The nutrients and fiber from fruits, vegetables, and particularly organic sprouts of cruciferous vegetables aid in the liver detox process. Beets, onions, garlic, asparagus, broccoli, and radishes are just a few of the foods that assist the liver. Other ways to help the liver include using herbs: red clover, yellow dock, dandelion root and milk thistle.

Overall, the simplest action to take is to increase your consumption of clean electrically charged, super hydrating water. Water that hydrates the body can more easily flush out stored toxins, resulting in easier weight loss and better health.

Written by Dr. Carol Ann Fischer, D.C. with Dr. Sherry Yale, D.C.


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