Rock of the Month: Pink Andean Opal


Pink Andean opal is what some refer to as a common opal. It is opaque and has no fire like the fiery fire opals.

Opals are made from a hydrated silica acid gel containing manganese which solidifies after water loss. It is common to see the black manganese streaking through the opals. They are a softer mineral with a hardness of 5.5- 6.5. Often the colors showing in the fire of the opal or the opal itself indicate which chakras work well with these stones.

Pink Andean opal doesn’t need any fire, it’s very powerful without it. There are two colors of common opals that come from the Peruvian mountains, light blue and pink. The pink Andean opals work with the elements water and earth. Because of opals strong connection with water, I often use them in chakra balancing to gently release old emotions being held in the chakras. Their energy is very soft, subtle and nurturing, while they help us to release and let go. One may not even know the opal helped them to release these old emotions, but you feel lighter and clearer.

They can also be great when used during past life ascension to help release emotions being held onto from other lifetimes. The pink Andean opal has a calming, soothing effect on the auras, heart chakra and nervous system. It can help stop over-worrying, release depression, and lighten any mood.

Pink Andean opal is an excellent healer for our heart, heart issues and because of the manganese it helps with headaches and muscle cramping. The beautiful light pink hues of the Andean opal help to usher in the feminine energies and opens us to deeper levels of compassion with others. Andean opal aids us in expressing our true selves. It brings higher ideals, new earth energies and higher guidance. The Andean opals are easy to use and work quickly. Just by holding the pink Andean opal on any chakra for five minutes, it automatically clears lower vibrational energies, opening up our psychic abilities and helping us be open to higher information and guidance. Have fun!

By Jennifer VanderWal


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