‘S’ for Sucker … or for Spirit-filled?


The other day, my sister and I were hanging out and she told me that I have a giant ‘S’ tattooed on my forehead. I sat up proudly in my chair, thinking of Supergirl, preparing to thank her, when she said loudly, “Sucker!” “What; why?” I asked her.

She reminded me of the time we went into a supermarket and were greeted by a man who followed us around the produce department. He started asking me questions about the college T-shirt I was wearing, and then shared jokes and riddles that could stump my college kid. Things like this happen to me. I smile or say ‘hello’ to someone and before I know it, I am listening to a story, helping them load their car with groceries, or telling them to follow me so they don’t get lost.

I choose to think the ‘S’ stands for ‘Spirit-filled’, not ‘Sucker’. When Spirit is rising up in us, we are remembering who we are and whose we are. We are empowered, not someone who got fooled or tricked. When I am Spirit-filled, I can choose love, joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, patience, and self-control no matter what the outer circumstance. According to Paul the Apostle, these are the FRUITS of the Spirit! So how perfect that I was in the produce aisle being followed around by this man who was sharing jokes and spreading joy, silliness and laughter so that I could practice kindness, gentleness and love.

God has blessed us with thoughts that create the words and the worlds we live in through the power of imagination. Imagination is a great tool! We can choose to use this tool to cooperate with, and connect with, our Christ center. When we are conscious of our thoughts, words, and actions, and choose to be the light of God walking around the grocery store, driving our cars, and talking to our kids, partners or friends, we are fulfilling our God-given purpose. I plan on wearing the ‘S’ on my forehead a lot this month!

By Faith Brower

Faith Brower is President of Unity of Farmington Hills, an Empowerment Center of love, music to rock your soul, and laughter. UFH has served and empowered those searching for the Truth for over 18 years. Join us on Sundays at 10a.m., 32500 W. 13 Mile Rd.


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