Starting Your Day Mindfully


Starting Your Day Mindfully
By Miche Lame’

So, here I am, outside on this beautiful day, writing to you. One of the ways I take care of myself is to start my day by reading, A Course in Miracles while drinking tea/hot chocolate, meditating, and then doing some light yoga. How do you start your day with something positive for you, something that feeds your soul? I would recommend that you incorporate some kind of deep belly breathing and meditation, even if it is just for three minutes.
Clients are usually somewhat resistant to developing a healthy and comfortable routine that nourishes their soul in the morning. Are you in a poor habit of waking up at the last minute, then rushing to get to school or work, or taking care of the kids? Do you even take the time to take a full, deep breath? Or, are you on autopilot, mindlessly surviving just to get things done?
There is a whole, wide world of adventure out there, and starting your day with a mindless habit/routine will not build a foundation for emotional, mental, spiritual nor physical health. Yet, these habits start very young. Chances are, even as a young child, your parents woke up, started rushing around, woke you up, and started rushing you to get to school, possibly even preschool, programming this survival habitual routine into your bio-computer brain. How about changing that?
When you wake up without even taking a breath to center yourself, you might bring in yesterday’s worries, overwhelm and concerns into this day. Which means, your mind is probably racing and never letting the past go; it’s just programming those worries, anxieties and concerns into your present, so how can you be present for your now? The only moment you really have!
The world becomes an illusion, a dream that you seem to sleepwalk in and never wake-up from. And, if you do, you have created the very habit of being worried, overwhelmed and anxious, which is imprinted and programmed into your bio-computer brain, becoming more and more deeply entrenched.
I would recommend that you look at what you are creating, sooner rather than later, as any habit, program or routine takes effort and mindfulness to transform into something you’d rather experience. How about instead, taking that deep breath, connecting with your soul, your highest self breath, and start learning to live connected with the Divine, finding and being joy in everything you do, anywhere you are.
You can mindfully create and transform your life, just by taking care of you! I remember when my child was an infant, and I was frustrated that I couldn’t seem to clean my home to my liking. As I vented with my awesome mother-in-law, she asked if there was anything more important than what I was doing right then. I was holding my happy, smiling child. I had forgotten to be in the present and enjoy where I was in that moment; even though I had the knowledge, following through and re-programming my script took some deep breaths and effort. Mom woke me up! I am so grateful for her. She really knows how to just be. I then created a new morning routine that I could include my child in. I think we were both happier, and our whole family was calmer, more connected and at peace.
And, this peace can expand in your life; all is only energy, so what you feel is a type of energy that can spread, attracting more peace, calm and serenity in your life. Your very environment will transform, and so will family, friends and work relationships. It really is the gift that keeps giving. Are you ready and willing to accept this gift?
By mindfully developing your own nourishing morning routine, you build a foundation that you can build upon all day, bringing your inner joy, inner peace and calm to everything you do and any situation you find yourself in. Wouldn’t that be wonderful–being present in the moment, connected with your highest self!
By starting your day in a mindful manner, you can transform your life. By living in survival mode, mindlessly trying to get through the day, you can actually be just ‘living in a dream’. Nothing seems real, or everything is over-dramatized and becomes overwhelming and frustrating, creating the feeling that you are dead inside, fearful, drowning, or just repressing your feelings so that you can continue onward.
Wake up! Create a morning routine that nourishes your soul and allows you to enjoy life, your family and friends, even your work. By creating a mindful, nourishing morning routine, you bring more energy and focus into your life, and you will accomplish more in a peaceful, relaxed and joyful manner. Wouldn’t that be a nice change of pace?
So, choose to start your morning with love and nourishment as your foundation, and connect with your highest self to guide you through your day. Relaxation, calm and peace will build more and more, deeper and deeper, and your focus and ability to be joyful and accomplish your goals will naturally build as well; you’ll transform your life just by developing a new morning habit, a new routine. Have fun with it; it is your time, your life to enjoy and experience!

Love and light,

Miche Lame’


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