You Are Wonderful…..YES, YOU!


You Are Wonderful…..YES, YOU!
By Barbra White

It is the natural order of the Creation for you to feel the fullness of your being. Your heart beats with the same force that creates stars, births babies, and flows the great rivers of the Earth. You are innately amazing, vibrant, and beautiful. No matter your past, you have all the qualities of the universe waiting for discovery.
How you see yourself, is how you will see your life.

What you see…your life will become. See yourself as magnificent, and your life will begin to take shape around this inner vibrational set point. See yourself as lacking, and your life will shape around this lack. You have the power to co-create your life. What you feel and believe, you will experience.

“You do not experience reality, only your thoughts about reality”

Dr. Michael Beckwith

Subconsciously hypnotized by what others have told you to be, limitations become the un-natural organizing intention of your life. Opening to a greater you means opening to the unknown. Opening to the possibility that there is a you beyond comprehension is supported by a practiced, intentional surrender. Your mind–all minds–want to hold onto what is known. You will recreate the past in the present as you grip tightly to who you think you are.

You are more than what you perceive.

As you look into the mirror, your eyes behold a body, face, and flaws. Who you truly are is beauty, love, and cosmic energy in physical form. “Why don’t I feel this?” you may ask. Because, like all humans, you have forgotten you are not your body. Your obsession with matter and physical form translates into limited self-identity, fear of “other,” and/or fear of loss (financial loss, loss of loved one, etc…)

You are not in your body; your body is in you.

There is a magnetic field of energy that surrounds you, from which your body emanates. In that field, that is the real you, and there is the pattern of perfect health, vitality, prosperity, and beauty. Shifting your attention away from what you think you are to a greater you depends on your daily choice to practice focused self-love, a willingness to feel with self-gentleness, and an engagement in each moment. Your true brilliant self waits to be lived as you.

Opening to your true identity is a slow process. It is a daily and sometimes moment-by-moment choice to witness the insanity of the mind with love, and to discipline yourself to truly show up in the moment. A recent study showed that people engage in their workday only 18% of the time. We have forgotten the most fundamental rule of Life: What you give out, you get back. This is the law of cause and effect, or also called, “the law of attraction.”

If you feel your life sucks, hearing that you co-created your current life…is difficult to take in . Don’t give up. Life/God does not care how long you have disengaged from your life or have believed you are lacking. The moment you decide to love you, and show up more fully, the vibrational escrow waits for you. The universe is self-organizing and self-correcting, meaning, there is great good waiting for you–always waiting. Life never stops beckoning you forward to grow, become more you, and express God in only the way that you can.

Life/God is not “mad” at you for keeping the light switch off.

You don’t need to explain or justify why you believe you are limiting. Don’t ask “why” you have kept your light off. Ask “why,” and your mind will give you all sorts of reasons: “It’s my fault,” “It’s my parents,” or “It’s society’s fault,” etc…

Yes, we do live in an immature society that has forgotten our connection to each other, our food supply, our bodies, and nature. Sweet one, do not let society or your wounded family be your excuse to stay small or harden your heart. Yes… you who are reading this… the world NEEDS YOU to shine.

How to shine?

You shine by simply being more fully YOU. And… there are infinite ways to express your shine: smiling to a stranger, writing a poem, forgiving yourself, etc. Some powerful steps to help you yield to the real innate magnificent you and express your shine are:

1. Every morning make the decision to love your humanity (mind, body, emotions) and be as present as possible in each moment.

2. Don’t believe your crazy mind. You are something far greater than your thoughts.

3. Surrender requires the ingredient of focus, to be properly lived in your life. Meaning, have an intentional focus to love, dream big, show up… but let go of how, when, with whom, or where. If you try to “go with the flow” or live in grace without focus, you will just be a jumping bean of reactivity to others’ emotions. Holding an intentionality in your life is like the rudder to a boat: it directs your words, actions, and self-perception in an empowering way. Then through intentional surrender, the waters and winds of Creation can carry you to the highest potentiality for your life. Intentional surrender is a science that can change your life.

4. And now, the most important thing: remember that what you focus on in another, is what you will activate in yourself. Don’t believe others when they are speaking from their pain. Choose to see the love and innocence in everyone you meet. This choice is YOUR freedom and divine invitation to realize more of your magnificent true Self.

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Barbra White


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