Is Stress Causing You Distress?


All of us deal with stress. Some of us have more than others. Some handle it better than others. But we all have to deal with it at times. Normally, a little bit of stress is not a problem. In fact, it can even be helpful. However, when the stress becomes chronic, it can cause serious problems.

When people deal with a stressful event, they respond with either the “fight or flight” (or freeze) response. In other words, the body prepares to either fight or to run away. Many changes take place in the body to prepare one to fight or flee. Hormones are released; much more blood goes to vital areas, whereas other areas of the body are neglected. This response was helpful during the cave man days, when one was facing a saber tooth tiger. However, it is not so helpful today. Most of the stressors we encounter are not life and death situations. Unfortunately, the body still responds as if it were.

Most of us can deal with mild stressors such as a traffic jam or losing a key, but chronic stress caused by such things as taking care of an elderly parent who is ill or caring for a disabled child over a long period of time without relief, can cause very serious problems. The following ailments can result from stress: high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, headaches, fatigue, stomach and digestion problems, sleep problems, anxiety, loss of motivation, feeling overwhelmed, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, using tobacco, social withdrawal, and memory and concentration impairment. In addition, stress can contribute to cancer and even strokes.

As you can see, stress can be very serious. There is good news, however. There are things we can do to reduce or eliminate a great deal of the stress. Some of the more helpful methods to deal with stress include deep breathing, meditation, tai chi, yoga, contemplation strategies, and hypnosis, to really get to the root of the problem. CBD products have also been known to have a calming effect, so it may be worth looking at somewhere like CBD Queen, if this sort of product is legal where you are.

When a stressful event occurs, the emotions start flying, and our deep seated issues, or “core beliefs,” are triggered. All kinds of destructive thoughts start to occur. For example, people start to tell themselves a host of negative messages such as: “I can never win,” “I’m not good enough,” “I am not valuable to anyone,” “They’ll find out I don’t know what I’m doing,” etc. These beliefs are not true, but because most of them are buried in our subconscious, we believe that they are true.

What is required is to find out what our subconscious core beliefs are, where they originated, and then to challenge them or reframe them and replace them with much healthier beliefs. Once this has been done, we can look at the situation much more clearly, from a more neutral point of view. Then we can deal with the situation in the most effective way for us.

Hypnosis is an excellent method for dealing with these deep seated “core issues.” Because hypnosis deals with the subconscious part of the mind, it is able to find out what the negative subconscious beliefs are and then eradicate them. When one is able to get rid of these negative deep seated beliefs, the stressors will not have anywhere near the devastating effect they otherwise may have had.

If you are in a stressful situation, or if you are experiencing the symptoms mentioned earlier, you might want to consider hypnosis. It is safe, it works, and it only requires a few sessions. There are now thousands of peer reviewed studies that attest to the fact that hypnosis does work and is very effective for a wide variety of issues.

Phil Rosenbaum


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