Your Thoughts Can Change Your World


We are all aware that your thoughts determine what you attract into your life. So, you use your conscious mind to concentrate in a positive way on what you want. Successful? Great, if not… have you ever wondered why some of this good stuff doesn’t come to you? Could it be that it’s your inner thoughts that are really attracting, like a magnet, what you experience? Could it be that consciously you may want something, but subconsciously you may also be resistant to it? Or, has a past pattern of vibration caused you to get stuck, creating an invisible barrier to the good that’s out there, keeping the abundance of the universe from entering your experience of the world?
Often, clients who work with me come across their own inner, subconscious resistance. Part of the work is finding and accepting the subconscious resistance and working it through to release it, allowing space for what you do want in your life. And, when you discover those old, worn-out fears and patterns/programs that are holding you back, you can substitute new thoughts/programs that become your new way of thinking and being, bringing more good into your life.

The more you consciously practice those new thoughts, the deeper the new programming goes into your subconscious biocomputer, creating new patterns and vibrations that attract what you want into your life so that it can be more joyous, filled with what you want, filled with love and growth towards becoming self-actualized and joyful.
And, what’s the best way to do this? Practice, practice, practice. That’s it! You too can become a beacon of love, light and joy just by practicing! You too can have the life of your dreams with just a little effort on your part by practicing the programs, thoughts and feelings you desire to enrich your life.

This means starting the day in a positive manner, with positive thoughts. Start with some mindful deep belly breaths and visualize the Creator’s healing light coming in with each breath, and then release anything negative on the outward breath. Then, think of three things you can deeply feel grateful for. Feeling deeply is the key here. The subconscious connects with emotional feelings and the thoughts connected with those feelings. Those thoughts connected with deep emotional feelings then imprint deeper and deeper into the subconscious biocomputer, and become the new programing for your new patterns and vibrations of being.

Your effort can become fun, as throughout the day you do your best to keep that vibration present with the goal of changing your life. Reminding yourself of this goal throughout the day will bring your desires and new programing into being faster and faster. Your new way of being will require less energy and mindfulness as you change your world into your new reality and attract what you really want into your life.

When you find yourself stuck in negative thoughts or are around negative vibrations, just take a breath and breathe in the Creator’s energy, say a prayer, and then listen for the answer and be guided by the soft voice inside. Remember, the Higher Self”s voice will be compassionate, not demanding, as you have free will to choose how you want to think, feel and act.

The more you pay attention to your thoughts, the easier and faster you can change them to become more in line with the divine and with what you want in your life. You are minute by minute changing your life and vibration to attract what you want, who you want to be and, ultimately, your growth towards self-actualization and joy. Being mindful of your own thoughts and changing them if needed is one of the greatest things you can do to create the life you want. Your thoughts can actually change your world!

Remember to keep that positive attitude. Remember that this whole world is yours, and create it in the way you want to experience life. Keep in mind that you yourself are divine and your world is only a hologram of your inner thoughts and emotions. So, look at your world and what you’ve created so far. There is no one else to blame. You don’t like your world? Then use the power of your thoughts to change it! You have the power, just by using your own thoughts, to change your world!

Love and light,

Miche Lame’


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