So Many Levels of Your Self

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So Many Levels of Your Self
By Eve Wilson

As human beings, we exist at many levels of consciousness; this makes us very interesting and complex! The most obvious levels are our Higher Self, conscious mind, emotions, and our unconscious self. Each level impacts our experience of life. Though most of us don’t pay attention to all levels of ourselves, here is why we should.
Our Higher Self is who we really are, and where we find our true intelligence and wisdom; so we definitely want to become more identified with and aware of that aspect. Our conscious mind and emotions are obviously important levels of self. But it is our unconscious self that I want to address most specifically.

What is happening in our unconscious self is powerful in its influence over how we feel and respond to life. It carries forward the influences from childhood and past lives. The positive influences provide stability and strength where we need them. But when we get that feeling that there is something within us that is undermining our success, pulling the rug out from under us, or causing us to make bad choices, the reason is hidden in the unconscious self.

Here is an area where spiritual healing can help create a new foundation for our lives. Bringing enlightened consciousness to the unconscious self allows healing to take place. Then our higher intelligence can provide a strong new foundation for our relationships, careers, financial success and health. Within our unconscious, there hides parts of our self which have gotten trapped in the past; we call these parts, Inner Children — although sometimes they may be inner adults. Inner children hold memories of circumstances where we were unable to cope with what happened. They live perpetually in those moments, holding all the pain, fear, self-doubt, shame, or hopelessness of that experience. Buried in our unconscious, they may get triggered in the present by events; then their feelings rise to consciousness and undermine our mature and capable experience. Suddenly we may feel like a child, unable to cope with life.

Spiritual healing addresses this problem by bringing higher intelligence, love, forgiveness, emotional release and healing to the earlier experience. That aspect of a person can then mature, and all of their innate gifts and intelligence can begin to support the adult experience, instead of undermining it. Living successfully in the present may require us to heal our past.

One surprising thing I find in people’s unconscious self are Inner Children, emotions, thoughts and fears that came from other people. Commonly absorbed from parents and family members during childhood, people may take them on from friends and lovers as well. This happens most with those who are emotionally empathic, and naturally psychic, who tend to be receptive to others. Releasing these influences can correct emotional, mental and spiritual issues. Then the person’s true self can become stronger.

There are so many levels of yourself, and all of them should support you! Sometimes it can feel as though one part of you is going one direction, and another part is pulling you back. Becoming conscious in your unconscious self can help you work this out.

Things you can do to understand and heal your unconscious:

Pay attention to your dreams – keep a journal and learn to translate your personal dream language. Your unconscious self speaks to you that way, and your Higher Self will give you messages as well. Dream work is always time well spent; although it may take time to build the relationship and learn to translate the messages, it is an exciting journey of self-revelation!

Keeping a daily journal is another way – just write down your experiences of the day. Express your feelings, think things through; let it flow as a stream of consciousness. Both your unconscious and higher conscious will communicate to you in this way.

When you feel angry, afraid, or stuck, ask yourself – How old do I feel emotionally? The age that you feel will be the age of the Inner child that is reacting to what is currently happening in your life. This would be a good time for spiritual healing. Or, if you feel up to it, meditate to recall what happened at that age; but stay aware that you are now an adult. Love that part of you, and remind it that you are all grown up now, and better able to handle things. Re-imagine that situation with your adult self guiding, protecting and creating a positive outcome for your child self. Then ask your Higher Self to surround the child in a bubble of love, safety, and healing. Return your focus to the present moment, and your adult self.

Eve Wilson


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