Spiritual Understanding of Our Lives


Spiritual Understanding of Our Lives
By Marybeth Rombach Nelson

As we go along in our busy lives, we give ourselves very little time to ruminate about our spiritual well-being. We work, run children around and do countless errands and activities. We are busy all hours of the day. Whew, I’m tired just thinking about it! So once we stop the merry-go-round of life and really think about how fulfilled we are in our spiritual life, an understanding is realized that we need quiet time.

However you achieve quiet time is perfect for you, be it a walk after work, a morning meditation or gardening in the yard. Reflecting on how happy you are in the stillness of meditation or another activity helps us understand where we are now and where we want to be in the future. Spiritually being fulfilled, we gain clarity and peace in our life. We can all use some of that.

Ask yourself, What makes me feel soulful? What makes me feel really alive? The answers will guide you to becoming spiritually enriched by doing more of what your soul wants you to do. Once you realize and understand your soul preferences, you can make small changes daily to becoming more spiritually fulfilled; knowing yourself and your soul and who you really are and embracing positive life choices to reflect this in your life. Take 10 minutes every day to be still, and profound wisdom from your soul will create a clear path for you to follow in spiritually understanding where your life needs to take you to becoming fully spiritually realized.

I take time every day to quiet my mind.
I listen to my inner guidance.
I make small changes daily that have
profound effects on me spiritually.
I am open to living on my soul’s path.
My life is getting better every day.
I am spiritually fulfilled.
I believe, I receive and I’m so very grateful.

Marybeth Rombach Nelson, Author, Intuitive, & Reiki Master. Call me at 734-890-8581 to create a marketing plan with Body Mind Spirit Guide and make 2016 the best year ever! – Marybeth Rombach Nelson, Marketing Director, Body Mind Spirit Guide. Email: Marybeth@BodyMindSpiritGuide.com


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