Vera Cruz Amethyst

3674492 - amethyst crystal laid on quartz - isolated on white
3674492 - amethyst crystal laid on quartz - isolated on white
3674492 – amethyst crystal laid on quartz – isolated on white
Vera Cruz Amethyst
By Jennifer VanderWal

Vera cruz amethyst from Vera Cruz Mexico is a rare formation of amethyst. The Vera Cruz amethyst will often form in double terminated crystals, having a point on each end. These crystals sometimes will have amethyst phantoms; you can see the amethyst phantom inside with the clear quartz surrounding it. They carry a similar vibration of the violet flame from St.Germain. These crystals are small but have a very powerful energy and vibration. Don’t expect to feel grounded when using them. All amethyst is beneficial for opening our crown chakras and helping us bring in higher vibrational energies, wisdom and information.

The Vera Cruz amethyst crystals all have a lot of record keepers on them as well as etchings, making them look like old souls with a lot of history. A record keeper is a physical marking on the surface of the crystals, which means they have been programmed by other beings in other time periods. The programs can be ancient Lemurian or Atlantan teachings, ascended masters, or even other races from other places and dimensions. The Vera Cruz amethyst crystals have a very high vibration that feels like the ascended masters have programmed some of them. This information or programs can be healing techniques, how to build a more eco-friendly environment, or about living in peace and harmony with all beings; the information is limitless, and always for our highest good and that of the planet.
The record keepers on the Vera Cruz amethyst are the many ridges on the sides of these crystals. They are like a filing cabinet, running your finger over the ridges in an upward motion opens the records and rubbing down on the lines closes the records. Vera Cruz amethyst crystals are excellent when used in meditation, helping to calm and quiet the mind, bringing about a gentle focus. They also help us to be open and receptive to the infinite universal wisdom available to us all.

These crystals are also excellent for getting a restful night of sleep and used for dream recall. While holding these powerful crystals, the beta state is immediately activated. They connect our throat and heart chakras enabling us to speak and manifest from the loving space of our hearts. These crystals are great when used in chakra balancing, helping to clear lower vibrational energies from the chakras and auras.
You can use this technique using one crystal. Start at the base chakra; hold the Vera Cruz amethyst on your base chakra for 5 minutes. As you do this, feel the base chakra and all your chakras open and activate, pulling upwards “grounding” each chakra in with its higher chakras. Now, move to the sacral chakra; hold the Vera Cruz amethyst there for 5 minutes, feeling your sacral chakra, all your other chakras and third eye chakra being cleared and activated. Every chakra the Vera Cruz is used on activates that chakra and the 3rd eye chakra, with a continual energy of pulling your lower chakras upward toward your higher chakras. These crystals are very cleansing, using the violet flame to transmute all the energies in each of your chakras and all your auras. They bring higher information, wisdom and knowledge into the lower chakras. Have fun!

Jennifer VanderWal


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