Tales of Healing

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Tales of Healing
By Mary Teresa Hickey

I have been a student of healing for over 20 years – mostly as a hobby to understand my own progression of healing post-traumatic stress. As my studies progressed, my mentor pushed me to formal training and creating a practice of my own. I can’t say that any course was more important than another. Each was a foundation for the next – from herbs to nutrition, to meditation, Reiki and now, Healing the Light Body School with the Four Winds. This progression has helped me find answers to questions about trauma and illness, and has opened up new possibilities.

While studying with the Four Winds, my friends were kind enough to allow me to practice on them. One such candidate was PK. PK lived a life of trauma for most of her 69 years. She left an abusive home to a kind husband, who died in a violent crash. She then married a very abusive man, with whom she had 3 children, all with neurological disorders. Needless to say, her adrenals are in constant overdrive from the “fight or flight” response, and she has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes.

During our session, PK came away with a new life mantra: “I am safe. I am at peace.” She would cross her arms over her heart and hug herself as she said this. It gave her comfort. The next day, she reported that she suffered some terrible nightmares after seeing me. Her son, an epileptic, was having a seizure in her dream. She was standing over him, fretting, worrying, praying. Suddenly, in her dream, she remembered, “I am safe. I am at peace.” Her conscious mind registered this as a lucid dream, and she relaxed in her slumber. Later on, she experienced her ex-husband chasing after her daughter, who is schizo-autistic. “Stop! Stop! Leave her alone!” she screamed in her sleep, chasing after them. “Wait! I am SAFE! I am at peace!” She crossed her arms over her chest, and suddenly awoke to find her arms in the same position. “It really works!” she exclaimed enthusiastically.

“That’s wonderful!” I replied. “Now, let’s help you remember this in your waking life, as you face your challenges!” She laughed and hugged me.

Mary Teresa Hickey

Mary Teresa has been a student of healing for over 20 years, including shamanism at The Four Winds Light Body School, naturopathy at Trinity College, Reiki Master at ICRT, and Master of Science at CMU. Her services include nutrition, herbs, Reiki and shamanic energy healing for persons and pets. www.facebook.com/singingshaman777


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