Are we in the end times?


Are we in the end times?
By Wendy Powers-Nugent

America established its independence from Britain 240 years ago this coming July 4th, 2016.

In 1776 the world was divided, most people never even traveled outside their own borders! Breaking away from British control seemed necessary as people were being religiously oppressed and were fleeing to the promised land. Some of the first settlers to start a new life on this land were the Puritans; they were not able to practice their faith and beliefs in Britain and were pretty much asked to leave as they were not following the newly reformed Church of England. Immigrants did indeed flee between 1630-1640 in what came to be known as the Great Migration, establishing this land we now call America as a place of new beginnings.

People have continually fled to America as a place to seek asylum from the tyranny, oppression, and lack of opportunity in their own land. Some were brought here unwillingly, some in desperation and of course those who had idealistic dreams of a new land. Our country has been building a melting pot of a great many different peoples and cultures, but one thing became a reality as time went on in this developing country: we became united in liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Our country now seems to have come into a new revolution, it is not even defined well enough to know what or how it will unfold. Will our country continue to grow in prosperity and hold our freedoms strong? During the last few years several of my clients have asked me about the great civil unrest and the possible all-out war that they believe we are going to eminently experience. This country has not experienced such unrest, distress and fear since the civil war. Some people are now asking our government to strip freedoms from our constitution (such as Freedom of Speech) which I believe is at the very heart of our foundation as a free nation.

Conspiracy theorist and hate groups are out in force spreading fear, hate, death and destruction, robbing us of our security, dividing people through fear and opposing the very fabric of our society, trying to strip us of our freedom and liberties. People feel that these are signs of the end times. Many of my clients are asking questions such as: “Should I take my family and run to the hills, create a bug out house, dig in and get water purifiers and stock up on survivor food packages?”

My answer is, “No!” Listen, we all need to be more conscious of our thoughts and words and keep our intuitive guard up for the negative actions around us, but we need to combat this super anxiety trip with positive thoughts. I see a future for our country and our world. Will there be take-overs and bad things happening? Unfortunately, this is part of being on Earth going through the human experience; it’s really no different than all of the other hard times humankind has experienced on this planet. Remember, we are on Earth in this human body to experience life. Bad things happen to good people and it sometimes seems to be unfair, but experiencing this world is like going through school–there is fun, good times and bad, and sometimes unbearable disappointments and unfortunately bullies will always be playing on the same playground with us.

Speaking of the classroom of life, I’m going to my 45th class reunion this summer. Have you ever asked yourself, “Why do we want to check out people who we spent so little time with?” Well, it’s simple. As I described above we are all moving along in this life, experiencing good and bad times. We want to see how others are surviving; maybe we can share wisdom and knowledge, but most of the time it is just to hang on to innocence, hoping we will find our youth once again.

One thing I have enjoyed while getting older is an inner calm. Like you, I have enjoyed beautiful times along with very difficult times; our souls gain enrichment and evolve to a higher level of peace. Remember, we are here hopefully to evolve our souls. Don’t live in hate, revenge or envy and you will pass the course of life on Earth. Live in a positive thought process, be aware, be in light not darkness, and you will graduate! Happy Birthday America.

Wendy Powers


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