The Long Island Medium has nothing on our Michigan Mediums!


The Long Island Medium has nothing on our Michigan Mediums!
Holistic & Psychic Expo, Oct. 8–9, Ypsilanti

By Amy B. Garber, BA, RMT, Senior Expo Director

Everyone seems to have heard of Theresa Caputo, the “Long Island Medium” on the TLC reality television show. When I tell someone that I do channeled psychic readings, their response is often to ask me if I’ve seen the show. And then they (somewhat stealthily) admit that they watch it.

Good for Theresa Caputo! Like Sylvia Browne before her, who became famous with her media appearances on the “Montel Williams” and “Larry King” TV shows, the Long Island Medium has brought an awareness of mediumship and psychic ability to the masses. And, more importantly, the public sees with concrete evidence that there is life after death, and that departed souls are not lost to us forever.

But you don’t have to go to an appearance by the Long Island Medium or wait two years for a reading with her to connect with your departed loved ones. Michigan has amazing mediums right here in the Detroit Metro area, and many of them will be appearing at the 4th Annual Fall Holistic & Psychic Expo hosted by Intuitives Interactive!
The Expo, which takes place Saturday–Sunday, October 8–9 at Eastern Michigan University’s Student Center, offers several opportunities to see some Michigan mediums in action doing “mediumship gallery readings,” like Theresa Caputo does in her live appearances. This is also a format made popular by medium John Edward in his “Crossing Over” TV show, which began on the SciFi channel in 2000 (and is now on We TV).

In a gallery reading, a medium sees or senses departed spirits and then describes this to the audience, sometimes pointing out the area in the room where the departed’s loved ones are seated. It may take a little time to identify who in the audience the departed person belongs to, and it’s exciting to see how more details emerge to help determine this! Obviously, not everyone in the audience will receive a message, but all can benefit from the messages received.

At the Holistic & Psychic Expo, the first opportunity to see a Michigan Medium do a gallery reading is on Saturday, 12:30–2pm, with Lisa Bousson, Evidential Medium from Sterling Heights. For the first half hour, Lisa talks about “Professionalism with Psychics and Mediums” (12:30–1pm), and for the next hour does a Gallery Reading with the audience (1–2pm).

Lisa calls herself a “Survival Evidence Medium,” meaning she is able to provide evidence and proof of life after death via detailed messages and proven facts. She is also a certified Spiritualist Healer and Spiritualist Medium, Reiki Master, Ordained Spiritualist Minister, and Ordained Metaphysical Minister. She has presented classes and events all over the country, including Lily Dale, NY.

After the Expo closes at 6pm on Saturday, everyone who has purchased Expo admission is invited to attend a Special Keynote Presentation with Lori Lipten, Shamanic Medium, who will be presenting “Messages of Love from Spirit” from 6:15–7:45pm. Lori is an internationally acclaimed psychic medium, contemporary shaman, author, retreat leader, and teacher whose office is in West Bloomfield. Lori will provide spontaneous messages from loved ones in spirit, as well as angels, helping guides, and the occasional celebrity.

She says, “The Divine is highly efficient and, while a personal reading is not guaranteed, all present will experience meaning, connections, and the pure essence of Divinity.” Lori is the founder of Sacred Balance Academy & Healing Center in Bloomfield Hills, the Intuitive Practitioners Certification Program™, Inspired Heart™ Retreats & Programs, and a variety of healing methods and workshops.

On Sunday, 1–3pm, there will be an appearance by the very popular Wendy Piepenburg, “Medium to the Hollywood Stars.” Wendy, who has graced us with her gifts at several of our previous fairs, has an office in Ann Arbor but travels to Los Angeles to see clients. Her client roster includes celebrities, relatives of historical figures, professional athletes and their families, and rock stars.
For the first hour of her presentation, Wendy will speak on “How Does Mediumship Work?” (1–2pm). During that time, she will also entertain audience questions. During the second hour (2–3pm), Wendy will perform a mediumship gallery reading for the audience.

Along with the three gallery reading presentations, you may book private sessions during the Expo with 21 readers in our Reader Room and more in the Ballroom, including many who are mediums and can connect with the departed. For a full list, see “Reader Room” and “Vendors” on our website,

Don’t wait until the Long Island Medium comes here. Plan to see our Michigan Mediums on October 8–9!

The 4th Annual Holistic & Psychic Expo hosted by Intuitives Interactive takes place Saturday–Sunday, Oct. 8–9, at the Eastern Michigan Student Center, 900 Oakwood, Ypsilanti. Free parking in two lots. Admission is $10 adult daily; $15 adult weekend pass; $8 college student daily; $5 children 5–12. Visit:


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