Help for Summer Fatigue

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Summer heat and humidity can cause fatigue, reducing summer fun. Here’s three key factors that influence your energy.

Hydration: A healthy body needs half its weight in ounces of water in order to stay hydrated. Drinking less water results in an accumulation of unwanted body fat. Excess toxicity in body fat contributes to fatigue, brain fog and depression.

Dehydration reduces blood flow to the organs, including your brain. It decreases function, and your ability to think clearly. Drinking the right amount of filtered mineral rich water is key to keeping your body hydrated. It is best if you drink water and herb or green teas instead of coffee and soda pop, which are dehydrating beverages.

The Missing Mineral: Iron is essential to attract oxygen and transmit it to all parts of the body. We cannot survive more than three minutes without oxygen. A deficiency of iron can cause fatigue, brain fog, a loss of well-being, and decreased energy and vitality.

Iron cannot be dissolved or absorbed without sufficient digestive hydrochloric acid. A mild Vitamin B deficiency can cause decreased hydrochloric acid production in the stomach. A more severe Vitamin B deficiency can make the stomach two to three times more acid than normal, resulting in heartburn and gastric distress. Your body needs iron and the whole Vitamin B complex to function normally.

The highest food sources of iron include dulse and kelp, wheat and rice bran, and pumpkin and sesame seeds. Most dried beans like lima beans, chickpeas, white beans, broad beans, red beans, lentils and pinto beans also contain iron. Eating a healthy diet rich in organic whole foods will ensure that your body has sufficient iron and the whole Vitamin B complex.

Activity: Inactivity can trigger fatigue. Set aside time to exercise just like any other appointment. Work from one up to three 10-minute exercise periods. Spread your exercise time throughout the day to give yourself an energy boost. Make sure to drink more water when you exercise for increased energy.

A California State University study found that a 10-minute walk is enough to increase energy, alter mood, and affect a positive outlook for up to two hours. Even five minute intervals of exercise/stretching during TV commercials can add up to feeling better with more energy.

Most alternative physicians can determine mineral deficiencies and hydration status, and help you find the best exercise for you. Enjoy your summer activities!

Written by Dr. Carol Ann Fischer, D.C. with Dr. Sherry Yale, D.C. who now owns TLC Holistic Wellness, Livonia. She has provided holistic and nutritional recommendations using diet and whole food supplements for 27 years as a practicing chiropractor, holistic-wellness consultant. Visit for information about our free nutritional deficiency and hydration analysis, and nutrition testing workshops. Call: 734-664-0339.


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