Fluorite Octahedrons


Fluorite Octahedrons
By Jennifer VanderWal

Fluorite can be found all over the world. Brown fluorite was mined in Illinois. Electric blue fluorite is found in New Mexico. Brazil has rainbow fluorite that has greens, blues, purples and yellows in it. The most common type of fluorite found today is the blue, green, purple fluorite from China. One of fluorite’s natural crystalline formations is an octahedron shape. They used to be very common, but now mostly polished fluorite is available. On rare occasions fluorite can be found with pyrite inside, making the octahedrons look like tiny galaxies inside. Often, people are very attracted to fluorite because of it’s crystalline structure. An octahedron is two, three dimensional pyramids put together. Because of how the fluorite crystals form, it’s great for dispelling any type of chaos, while creating order and structure.

The color of the fluorite can often determine what chakra each one should be used with. Blue fluorite can be beneficial when used on the throat chakra, enhancing orderly thoughts and communication skills with this and other worlds. Chinese fluorite is green, blue and purple and is one of the best stones for eliminating dis-ease. Clear fluorite aligns all the chakras, stimulates the crown chakra, while clearing and energizing our auras. Green fluorite cleanses and renews all of our chakras and releases mild trauma from our emotional body. Purple fluorite opens our third eye chakra, bringing rationality to our intuitive processes, and prepares the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies for healing. Yellow fluorite is protective against psychic attack, opens the solar plexus chakra and stimulates our creativity.

I personally feel fluorite is one of the most powerful healing minerals on this planet. It activates all of the cells in our body to begin healing. I often use fluorite when I’m working with physical dis-ease; it’s much easier for healing’s to take place if the cells are telling the body to heal itself. One method I use often is a simple crystal array in the shape of the Star of David. This array can he used on yourself or under a healing table to help enhance the healing process. For this array you need six pieces of fluorite; choose the colors, sizes and shapes that appeal to you and feel healing. Laying down, place one fluorite at the top of the head, one below and between the feet, one on each side of the shoulders and one on each side of the knees. This creates a six sided Star of David emanating fluorite’s energies, activating and healing your cells and dis-ease.

Fluorite is also a great study aid. It helps with organized thinking, and remembering knowledge and information. You can study while holding a piece of fluorite in your hand, and then when you take the test, bring the fluorite with you and the fluorite will aid with accessing the information and memory recall.

Fluorite can also be used in personal healing. For this exercise you need one piece of fluorite; the fluorite can be held in your hand or on your thymus gland, located in the center of the chest in front of the heart. Prepare yourself for meditation by taking three long slow deep breaths. Now visualize yourself in perfect, optimal, whole, balanced health. Visualize a strong healthy glowing aura and your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. See yourself smiling, laughing and moving around with ease and grace. Continue visualizing this scene of your perfect divine radiant health for 20 minutes every day. Using positive affirmations can also be a huge benefit . One of the ones I use a lot is, “I AM perfect divine radiant health.” Have fun!


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