Let God, Be God


Let God, Be God
By Barbra White

An open heart does not mean perfection. Authenticity includes your emotions.

What you try to control, controls YOU. Rather than worry about others, or fight to PROVE to yourself you will be true to yourself, give permission to what wants to be born through you!

There IS greatness in you. More God wants to express through you. However, this choice means living on the co-creative edge. Learn to be at peace with the divine discontent of growth. What do I mean?

If you deny the fear, you will create fights. Anger and irritation come from fear. The mind would rather push and prove, than yield to what wants to emerge. Face the fear directly and ask what qualities want to be born. Asking what wants to express, rather than continual self-analyzation, takes great courage! This is because asking this question allows more of your True Self to be embodied, and thus, there is a letting go of a limited self-identity.

When you give full permission to your own radiance and what God wants to express through you…there is NO ROOM to take on others’ stuff. Do this on a daily and moment by moment basis. The discomfort you feel around another is NOT the other person…it is about you, not being you. Don’t be a victim. Be more YOU each day, by giving permission to qualities of creativity, love, beauty, prosperity, wisdom etc., that want to be born through you. “Be God” equals “Let God.” Meaning, Being the qualities of God leads to graceful letting go to God. God wants to be known, in, as, and through you.

Learn to explore life with a gentleness towards yourself. It is normal to feel uncertainty IF you are on the growth path. Trust life. It’s okay to not know.

Modern dance creator Martha Graham calls the process of expressing your gifts a, “Queer dissatisfaction.” Insecurity is a part of creativity. Giving full permission to your unique song in the choir of Creation is a daily, moment by moment process. Commit to yourself. You can do it! Be on the co-creative edge.

Stay awake to the brilliance. It is so tempting to stop growing and dreaming. Let go of false security and chains of comfort by dreaming big and loving deeply. When you feel stagnated, you have locked your mind into false forms of security. Opening to more joy, love, and intimacy requires a rebel spirit.

At times, we have all unknowingly pushed away prosperity, love, beauty and opportunities. We fear the loss of love so we then unconsciously restrict our full receptivity. We also sabotage the good that is in front of us by trying to “get control” over future loss. (For example, 85% of lottery winners lose their winnings in five years.)

But, Love is never lost. How can it? They still loved you and did the best they could. Even if there was harm, Love is always there. God is always there. Always. Love is always within you and around.

Don’t fight for what is already given. Fighting is a distraction from fear. Be miracle ready by using fear as fertilizer to a more expanded faith and presence. Obsessive mind, racing action, approval seeking, and dominance are ways to fight fear; and consequently your awareness of the brilliance within and around. Fear is a doorway into greater surrender, trust and faith. Let God, Be God.

The Father loved you, and your father loved you. The Mother loved you, and your mother loved you. Even if there was criticism or abandonment, that was their understanding of love at the time. They did the best they could. Love Is. You were loved. You are loved. Decide right now to no longer chase after Love or push Love away. Decide right now to stop chasing after God or pushing God away. Let the good happen through you, rather than trying to “get” it. Let God, Be God.

Your intent to grow is the rudder in a boat. Let the waters of life carry you. God/Life has it figured out. Have patience with yourself. Cultivate a fierce focus on the Realness of Love, Beauty and God in all people and situations. Accepting non-judgmental assertions on Love, opens your energy to the present pregnant moment of possibility.

Witness with compassion the rings you have kissed to gain false praise. Use your self-betrayal as fertilizer to amplify self-integrity. Cultivate your embodied knowing of Love, Beauty and God through self-acceptance.

Manipulating words and actions will just bring torment in the end. How you are Being today, is the greatest predictor of tomorrow. “Don’t look for your dreams to come true; look to become true to your dreams,” said Michael Beckwith. Give permission to the God qualities within you now. Stop trying to change conditions to find peace. Seeking approval is a form of manipulation. The universe already adores you. Instead of fighting for what is already given, put more focus on letting out the Real you.

Jump into the fire of devotion by deepening your commitment to serve, love, grow and live from your center. Burn through your suspicions of Love, success and opportunity. Stand with your heart wide open, expressing fully in service to the One; and miracles will emerge.

Let God and Be God.


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