Refreshed As a Warm Summer Breeze


Refreshed As a Warm Summer Breeze
By David Krajovic

No matter how hot or humid, everyone appreciates the refreshing feel of a warm summer breeze. When the air is stagnant and hot, it can become uncomfortable. Nothing seems to move or want to move. The summer breeze brings movement and with movement comes renewal, energy and revitalization. One of the reasons it feels so good is because the air is moving and movement brings energy. Movement also brings a cooling affect through evaporation. But there is more.

Within air there is oxygen. Oxygen is vital for life. Air also contains another invisible force, Prana. Prana is life force, and it too is vital for life.

A Limited Breath Limits Life
On a hot summer day without the breeze, life seems to stand still, nothing happens. The breeze wakes up life. It feels good. And so it is when you do not breathe. In these cases, very little oxygen and life force is accessed by you. You feel lethargic, have less energy and stagnation will set in leading to illness. Now, I am sure everyone is saying, That is not me, I breathe just fine. But such is not the case. Over 95% of the population breathes at less than half their breath capacity. While breathing this way you may be surviving but you are not thriving. A limited breath, limits your life.

And so it is that when you breathe openly you bring in more energy and feel invigorated. Hope is found and faith is renewed. The breath, like a summer breeze, invigorates and energizes.

A Conscious Breath Removes Limitation
A summer breeze can also clear away debris. The more volume there is in the wind, the more debris is removed. This is how it is with your breath. The more you consciously open up your breath to breathe openly and surrender; the more thoughts of limitation, negativity, unworthiness and other heavy energies will be removed from your energy field. You will feel lighter and more invigorated, similar to when the summer breeze caresses your skin.

The Breath Is Now
On a hot humid day, not only are you sedentary but you wonder when it will end. It is hard to stay focused. Your body is uncomfortable and the mind will wonder to other things such as when relief will arrive. When the breeze comes, it immediately puts you back into the body, right here, right now to enjoy the breeze. You are not somewhere else in your mind. The breath, similarly, puts you in the present moment. In fact, there is nothing you can do that is so simple, so easy to put yourself in the present moment than to focus on your breath. Since everything happens in the Eternal Now, conscious breathing can become a very simple yet very powerful spiritual practice.

The Breath Awakens
If there has been no breeze and all of a sudden one appears, you awaken, you are more alert. It is the same with the breath. When you begin to breathe consciously, you awaken your consciousness to truth. You no longer allow the unconscious to rule you as a puppet repeating the same behaviors and habits over and over feeling stuck, like your life is in a rut and there is no way out. A rut is nothing more than a grave with the sides kicked out.

The Are No Coincidences
The analogy between conscious connected breathing and a summer breeze is not a coincidence. It was perfectly designed by the Creator for you to witness and choose. Choose what?

We are all at choice. We have free will. The Divine cannot interfere without our asking. We can choose to live with limitation and lack and say that life happens to us and there is nothing we can do. Or, we can choose to be renewed in this moment. Each breath is new and present. Breathe Deep. Breathe Fully. Choose to Breathe in all the good that Life has to offer. A suppressed breath is one that chooses to push life away. An open breath is one that supports life and welcomes all the good that the Creator has conceived through an infinite filed of wonderful possibilities. Such beauty, such good, such bliss, such love is waiting for us if we but choose.

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