Using Our Will to Create a Joyful Life


Will is the ability to choose, decide, lead, determine; it is the directing power of our mind. We are using our will all the time! We think a certain way, choose a course of action, and say things based on how we are feeling and thinking. We use our will to fight, flee, love, hate, set goals, or wish for something to happen or appear. It all seems pretty straight forward. I am in control of how I feel and act because I have the power of WILL.

But I have a question – If we use our will or our “directing power of our mind” to determine what goes on in our lives, then why do we feel angry, disappointed, or crappy sometimes? People are mean sometimes. Life doesn’t always feel like a bowl of cherries. We can’t expect to get what we want a lot of the time.

The answer I am learning is – We have a CHOICE about how we are feeling every day, in fact, every moment. In order to feel happy, we have to consciously use our will to think positively and to feel happy/peaceful/at ease/in joy etc., irrespective of what is going on around us. Each morning we need to wake up saying and knowing we are going to have a joy-filled day and are so grateful for all the blessings we do have.

We cannot act like puppets, reacting and making decisions based on what’s happening in our lives. Instead, we can use our will to DECIDE to feel happy, peace, harmony, and prosperity–no matter what. The rewards of using the power of our mind consciously, rather than reacting to circumstances, people or things, are great. It takes determination each day to set our intentions and use our will to feel abundant health, happiness, joy, peace, harmony, and prosperity. I am deciding, starting tomorrow morning, to use my will wisely to create the life that I want.


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