So, You Think Your House is Haunted?


So, You Think Your House is Haunted?

By Ray Fraser

Back in “the day,” way before Cedar Point and even Disney, “haunted houses” were places you saw on television, in the movies, or if you were brave enough, amusement park rides that you rode to prove how brave you were. The thought of actually living in a “haunted house” was a thought to be feared. It was believed that the hauntings were caused by the devil, or some “evil” spirit that wanted to possess householders and steal their souls. Of course, with the improvements in technology and the development of the social media, the talk of ghosts or spirits has become a regular discussion topic. This, coupled with a more open understanding of spirits and spirituality, has caused many people to believe that there are spirits in their homes.

Some folks are fearful of hexes or curses, others that the spirit of some negative being has taken up residence in their home for the purpose of disrupting their lives. None of this is true. Please don’t misunderstand; I am not saying that there are not homes with spiritual energy in them, quite the contrary. The veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is vapor thin. Virtually the entire world under that criteria is haunted. In more than 40 years of home haunting investigations, I have found only one instance of a negative spirit that was intentionally causing issues in the home. Thankfully, with the help of positive spirit guides, we were able to cleanse the home and have the spirit move on.

For the most part, the spirits we recognize in our homes are friends, family members or loved ones who still want to remain part of their physical existence and as a result, align themselves with familiar energies. These days, as we raise our children to be more open minded, more and more are recognizing spirits as “invisible friends.” Television and movies have both helped and harmed our understanding of spirits. Many spirits who lived negative physical lives often want to reconnect to apologize or make amends for their actions while alive. Still, others want to say thank you for the care or help they received as they went through their transition period. Parents and grandparents wish to serve as guides or mentors to the living, imparting their life knowledge to those who remain alive. In short, most of the spirits which we perceive are haunting us, are really the spirits of people whom we would welcome with open arms if they were still alive

There is an odd chance that you might find yourself dealing with an unwelcome energy. My only experience with such a matter came as the result of two teenaged young ladies who were playing with a Ouija Board. It took a whole bag of sage and a couple of hours of prayer and affirmations to finally convince the spirit to leave. The girls had “no idea” they could discover such a negative energy with something as simple as a Ouija Board. When I asked them who they thought might be answering their question, they said that they didn’t know, but never thought it would be negative.

Spirit contact is best done under the guidance of a learned and experienced mind. Ouija Boards are not toys, and should not be treated as such. In this case, the mother thought it would be “fun.” My stock response is, chainsaws also look like fun, but would you let your 13 year old daughter play with one? Of course not. Chainsaws, like Ouija Boards, are better handled by experienced professionals.

Should you be fearful of a spirit in your home? The answer is, no. If you cannot recognize the spirit, simply ask it to leave. If it persists, give us a call, we may be able to help you identify it, or help you get it to leave if that is what you wish. Truthfully, having a spirit visitor your home might be the greatest blessing you have.

If you have any questions about spirits in your home, give us a call, we’ll be happy to help!

Ray Fraser is the owner of the “Mystiques-West Metaphysical Center” and hosts a weekly public séance on Wednesday nights beginning at 7:00PM sharp. 36356 Ford Rd., Westland. Call: 734-729-8019.


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