Pyrite can be found in many locations all over the world, including Spain, Peru and Italy. One of its natural crystalline shapes is a cube, and pyrite can also be found in stalagmites. Pyrite’s nickname is “fools gold” because during the gold rush it was easily mistaken for gold. Pyrite can also be found inside other minerals such as quartz crystal, lapis lazuli and fluorite. It is a very protective stone emanating its golden energy, filling our auras with its protective radiant gold energy. Because of the structure of how the crystals form it is also excellent for helping our bodies get back to our perfect state of health. It helps us to realize the cause behind the disease and what we can do to heal it. Pyrite brings about an instantaneous rejuvenation and is energizing to our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies.

Pyrites golden energy is likened to the sun, filling and warming us with its solar energy. The name pyrite means fire stone; when two pieces are struck together it creates a spark. Pyrite also sparks our creativity, clear thinking, math, science and artistic abilities. It also enhances all of our positive masculine qualities and aspects, and aids in enhancing our confidence, manifesting through until completion. When pyrite is used on the solar plexus chakra in healing and balancing, it pyrite aids in clearing and opening the chakra, enhancing confidence and manifesting ones hearts desires.

You only need one piece of pyrite to achieve this. During meditation you can place the pyrite on your solar plexus chakra for 15-30 minutes. Visualize yourself being totally confident and following your hearts desire to its greatest success. When pyrite is used on all the chakras it releases lower vibrational energy and thought forms that may be keeping you stuck. Pyrites energy is so powerful for clearing, when placed in the environment it helps clear out toxic energies. Have fun!


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