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Confidence based on what you “do” is fleeting, and can be taken away. Why root your sense of self in the external fleeting situations and opinions of others? True confidence is not based on what you achieve, have, or what people think of you. Right? Our materialistic industrial growth western culture only values those who produce; this is why we tragically devalue ourselves (and especially the retired elderly). Anchoring true confidence into yourself, depends on these principles: trusting the need of the moment, freeing your heart, trusting yourself, and remembering that life is for you.

Trusting The Need Of The Moment:
Continually measuring how much you can give to a loved one, boss or any situation, you will become a beggar at your own banquet. Restricting the flow of good through you, restricts the flow that returns to you. Giving the moment over to God, you begin to enter into a flow of circulation beyond your imagination. Responding to the need that presents itself, allows you a peaceful surrender to Life, and the good that wants to emerge through you.
Our ego mind would rather manage the moment with thoughts such as: “How much time will this take?”, or gauge the situation with, “What am I going to get out of this?” These thoughts do not make you a bad person. Everyone has an ego. The ego’s “job” is to resist Love’s expansion. Those that admit they have a part of themselves that can be controlling, or fearful (ego), actually have greater conscious choice to not act from it. Choice is a function of acceptance.
Personally, I am realizing more and more, if God puts someone in need in front of me, I must respond. I had gotten confused about “self-care” and “good boundaries”. Who cares if I am a bit tired or have had a long day? I was putting off a call to the next day…or scheduling a student into a less busy week. People are asking for help, and I was delaying. After realizing what I was doing I thought, “Really Barbra? Get over yourself! Loving another IS loving yourself!” Spirit/God also said to me. “Barbra, why would I give you more students if you push away those I have been sending?”
So, why was I subtly not trusting the moment and blocking my flow of good? Well, because like you, I am also always growing and becoming more of my True Self! (And by the way, a huge flow of new students flowed in since this realization!)
However, as a caveat to this principle, if a person is giving to prove their worth, or appease another…they are giving from an inward place of scarcity. This form of giving does not create flow and abundance in one’s life.

Wake Each Day with Asking: God/Love what would you have me do? Where would you have me go and with whom? Declare these questions daily, your dreams will come true, AND your specific Soul gifts will reveal themselves.

Freeing Your Heart:
The principle “What you give to another you will receive more of”, applies when you express both Love and fear (judgment). When you judge another, the energy will register as attacking yourself. We forget that there is only ONE person really here.
After being triggered by a friend’s behavior, I saw another level of how accepting another actually protects me. How? Because, to the degree I judge another, I am at the effect of their behavior. (A Course In Miracles) When I judge a person’s behavior, I am expecting them to be different. From this judgment, I am engaged at the level of the issue.
Every time I am triggered by someone’s words or actions, it is an opportunity for my little self to burn away. Our Soul organizes every encounter. Every relationship is an opportunity to clear some ‘stuff’ and align with Love. Every relationship (especially the painful ones) is an opportunity to know more Love, Beauty, and Wisdom as ourselves.
In accepting them, we create space in our psyche to see the Soul lesson. We all have the choice to live in heaven or hell. In seeing the lesson, we can then have the capacity to see that life has always, always, ALWAYS been for us. However, condemn them, ourselves, or our past, and we miss the miracle that was wanting to emerge.

Declare today: I completely forgive myself and them. I now realize no one actually did anything wrong. Everything was in divine order. This person was actually serving me to wake me up to the Truth of my Being. Thank you!!

Trusting Yourself:
We are disassociated from our body’s feedback, due to our disconnect with the Earth, sexuality, and the fast pace at which we live. This is why when I ask someone “What does your body tell you about your choice?” they will look at me with a blank stare. When I teach people how to listen to their body’s feedback, they are being given the gift of a “7 alarm warning system” that empowers them to listen to their intuition, and consequently make good decisions.
Many people don’t have the capacity to listen to themselves. Besides the reasons I mentioned earlier, any unprocessed emotions before the age of 7, causes people to not be able to tune into their body’s intuitive feedback. Forgiving yourself for the poor choices in the past becomes easier when you realize you must learn to have intimacy with your body to even be able to have clear discernment.
Ignite your intuitive wisdom by registering for the 2017 Self-Acceptance Process Certification Course or come to the 3rd Thursday workshop at Accepted As I Am Community Center. ( for more info.) Feeling secure and safe in the world is 100% dependent on your ability to listen to your inner voice. This is why trusting another, is ALWAYS about trusting yourself.

Life Is For You, (only your perceptions can be against you):
The path of light is already paved before you. There is SUCH potential possible in your life when you allow the Divine to guide your path. The good is already there, you just need to create an atmosphere through your availability. Love, Beauty, and Joy is constantly looking for a place to express.
If you are feeling like life is against you, it is because you have perceived wrong. The mind divides, the spirit unites.

“Live out of the mystery into history” — Michael Beckwith. Be willing to see yourself, and the situation differently. As you stand willing, your Soul will reveal to you the Love. There is no place that Love is not. Love or God, is not just in everything, it IS everything.

Declare today: Giving to feel Love as me, I stand available to miracles. I rest in God, knowing Life is ALWAYS for me.

As you practice the principles taught in this article, you awaken true confidence. You become less concerned about what others think of you, and the more identified you become as the energy of LIFE and God.

“We think we have many different problems, but we have only one: our separation from God.” — A Course in Miracles


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