Change – Love it or Fear it?


Fall is in the air; nights are cooler now. Trees are beginning to change their colors. Some of us seem to resist giving up hot summer breezes, and surrendering to warmer pants and long-sleeved sweaters. But just as it is inevitable AND natural for the weather to change, it is the same for the rest of things in life. Animals age and their habits and behaviors change to mirror their years. People and situations change; it is a fact. Change is part of life. So then why do we humans often resist it?

For some of us, fear accompanies change. When things or people in our lives come or go, our thoughts can turn to concern and wondering — wondering if this new situation will be good or if it will last. Feelings of loss, anxiety, and even stress can occur. We sometimes judge what we do not understand yet. All of this effort because we are uncomfortable with change! Wow!

If we would only realize that we have a choice about how to view change. Change itself is not really the culprit. Rather, it is the feelings we attach to the change. And those feelings we do have control over; always have and always will. We can decide to dislike the shift we are experiencing, or, we can remember that God created us to soar and expand into the most, the best and the highest form of ourselves.

We can choose to embrace the change, caring love in our pocket. With love or God in our lives, we can stay calm, remember to stay connected, and stay the course, meaning we are creators of our own realities. We can choose to be hopeful, and think positive thoughts, no matter the changes going on around us. We can choose love or fear. With God in our pocket, we can soar through any changes, knowing no circumstance, person or thing can disconnect us from our calm and happiness. It is our choice: Love or Fear?


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