Crossroads and Indecision


Crossroads and Indecision
By Wendy Powers-Nugent

Have you ever had to made a decision and just could not? Even psychics have had difficulties with making-up their minds or even foreseeing their own future! “Why?” you may ask. Well, it’s because when stressful things occur, it’s harder to listen to your own intuition when it comes to major decisions or even foreseeing what’s ahead in your own life. Yes, even psychics consult other psychics at times when they are caught up in their own stress. We all need guidance at times.

Some of my clients come to me just to see what’s up ahead; some want to have me help them through the everyday struggles of life. When asked what I do for a living, my answer is simply that I am an intuitive counselor. Psychics give future insights, but they also counsel you through the difficulties that we all face from time to time. I find that people often face difficulties with depression or fears and can’t make clear decisions. This can be due to past life karma or maybe childhood traumas that they do not even realize they carry with them in their subconscious mind.

A good psychic can look into your past as well as your future to see what may be holding you back from fulfilling your purpose in this life. One of the main reasons people come to an intuitive counselor is to find out their purpose in life. Very often fear keeps people from fulfilling their destiny which can leave them feeling empty and unfulfilled.

When tragedy enters our lives we are often left angry at life and sometimes even at God. Many people feel that they cannot go on when nothing makes sense anymore, and they feel lost and hopeless. Fear makes us sink into an abyss of nothingness like sinking deep into an ocean. They say it is impossible to know which way is up when you are drowning. I know this is true as I almost drowned when I was 12 years old while at summer camp. Having some fun, I jumped into the deep lake off the pier, but suddenly found myself panicking and could not figure out which way to swim to the surface as I sank deeper and deeper into the lake.

I could always talk with God and angels since I could remember. Reaching out through my mind, I asked for help to get out of this mess. Next thing I know, a voice came into my head telling me to do a dead man’s float, and very slowly blow air out of my lungs. I trusted this voice and did exactly what was told of me. Before long, I was back on the surface of the lake!

I am sharing this story from my life to give insight to the fact that we all have intuition and a connection to the higher consciousness of the universal mind. However, if you don’t trust in your intuition or are too close to the problem to hear your answers, then it’s a good time to reach out to an intuitive counselor. Just so you know, nothing is carved in stone as far as the future is concerned. Even in knowing your future, you can go off your life path when you experience fear and indecision. Sometimes, what you want is not what God has planned for you. Open up your intuition and/or seek out a spiritual intuitive counselor to bring clarity to your life path. However, ultimately the decision is yours to make, so bring as much information to the decision process as possible; just like my choice to reach out and listen to the universal mind telling me how to save my life instead of panicking and drowning that fateful summer day.


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