Focusing on solutions = finding solutions


Focusing on solutions = finding solutions
By Abby Lippitt

If you’re like most, you have been conditioned to be problem oriented: what I mean by this is that when one encounters difficulties, one then looks to find and weed out potential problems, to then be able to rectify them with the hope that everything can go smoothly.

When rooting out negative core beliefs and reprogramming, this is very useful, because you are replacing a negative with a positive. However, when dealing with the normal, everyday problem-solving, this type of thinking can be very counter-productive and in some cases, detrimental to what you are trying to achieve. This is because when you focus on the problem it causes stress, which lowers your vibrational frequency and due to the law of attraction, like energy attracts like energy, and sadly you draw to yourself more of the same negative circumstances that you are already experiencing. (Believe me, I learned this the very hard way!) When you focus on the problem, the problem intensifies; however, when you focus on the solution, then you can solve your issue.

Look at a concern that you have been struggling with and try seeing it from only a positive win-win perspective; as if the answer to the problem you are having is readily available and easily reachable or, better yet, already achieved. Ask yourself, ‘If I know how to resolve this issue, what would it be and how can I do so?’ Then wait with grateful expectancy and see what ideas and circumstances become available to you. When you take this approach you are in a higher, happier vibration frequency, which then allows you to be open to options and solutions that you may not have thought of otherwise. Why not give it a try?


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Abby Lippitt, Is an extremely talented, gifted & intuituve artist with a vibrant, vivacious, “Abvacious”, unique style all her own. Abby has been practicing and studying art & metaphysics since she was a child. Inspired by animation and driven with the desire to express her love of the sadly underrated art medium in all its forms. It is her sincere wish that the rest of the world come to appreciate the sophistication & beauty held within the heart of the animation genre as she does.


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