Staying positive, keeping your focus, obtaining your desires


Staying positive, keeping your focus, obtaining your desires
By Abby Lippitt

Continuing on with the related theme from last month, staying positive and keeping your focus can be a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. It can sometimes seem that when you decide to manifest your desired outcome, is the exact moment when it becomes unattainable. The reason why it alludes so many is because when you focus on your desire, it makes you painfully aware of what you don’t have; the minute this happens, you then retreat from it, rather than go through the anguish it causes. It also simultaneously keeps you from what you wish for.

When you are in pain and angry, you are out of vibrational alignment with what you want, due to the law of attraction — Like energy attracts like energy. The solution is to change your perspective of your goal. Start seeing your goal as obtainable and ultimately achievable. This is done by looking at all the positive reasons why your desire is possible. When this occurs, you build a bridge of focused belief to your desired outcome. And, lo and behold, what once caused you pain now brings you pleasure and puts you in the proper vibrational alignment with your desire! Here’s some ideas that may help you obtain your desire.

– Realistically and honestly assess your desire; ask yourself: Is this possible? If so, how is it? But only focus on the positive and make a list for reference.

– Focus on what talents, traits and experiences you have, that support and prove to yourself that your goals are achievable.

– Witness the physical proof of your ability, note how good this makes you feel about achieving your goal.

– Visualize yourself achieving your goal.

– Ask yourself: What can I do that can make my desire a reality? Break it down into small achievable goals, then take Action from a Loving Mindset for the Highest Best Good of All.



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