Sweet Relief!


Sweet Relief!
By Eve Wilson

Summer has been heating up, and with it our lives are heating up too! The pressure of global warming has the higher purpose of intensifying things within us and our world, which need to be released. There are ways you can handle this process to enjoy relief and in doing so experience a deeper sweetness and relaxation with life.

As the temperatures are rising, our vibrations are rising too. All life is energy vibrating in particular wave lengths or frequencies. Lower vibrations are more physical and higher vibrations are more spiritual. So when we say our vibrations are rising, it means that we are energetically becoming more spiritual; this allows more spiritual light, power and unconditional love to come into our human and planetary experience. With this comes a higher intelligence and opportunities for improvement on every level. This process is called, ascension.

The pressure you experience during this time of change, forces elements of life that no longer serve us to consciousness, to be healed and released. They can be memories, emotions and beliefs from our past that we stuffed; or have been dancing around or reacting to for a long time. They can also be hereditary or social tendencies which aren’t true to us, which we have lived with, not knowing how to get beyond them. They can be diseases of body and mind as well. We are collectively working to be free of this old baggage, which has kept us limited and uncomfortable for so long.

It makes a difference to your experience, how you respond to these forces of change. You can react to them by stuffing your feelings and trying to stay positive, but this will only work until you get too tired or overwhelmed, and then they will pour out of you, and may make you ill. You can project the pressure toward other people and circumstances, blaming and downloading negativity on others; but that is a very toxic option. You can’t outrun change by working harder, and trying to keep ahead of a world that is increasingly uncertain. Change will catch up with all of us; it is supposed to, and it will be okay, there is a higher intelligence at work here. What you can do is take advantage of these changes, which are intended to serve you, by cooperating with the process.

Try the following to find some sweet relief!

– Make time to be alone with your Higher Self. To do so, get off your phone, iPad, computer, and TV and relax in solitude. Breathe and open your heart. Give yourself an inner hug and welcome your Higher Self into your body and soul, until you begin to feel a release and opening to love. Breathe that love into the tense places in your body. Give inner hugs to those parts of you, and pay attention to the emotions and thoughts or other people’s negativity that arise when you do. Invite your Higher Self to love, heal and release those energies. Work like this until you feel quiet and relaxed, then enjoy that relaxation for a few minutes.

– Now you are ready to do a deeper level of work! Welcome your Higher Self and the unconditional love from the Source of Life, to flow into and around the challenges in your life. Let that good energy enfold you and everyone else affected by them. Then, to allow a deeper emotional and mental releasing to occur, accept that the pressures of these circumstances are helping you to unblock and gain mastery over similar issues, from your past. Meditate on that, to recall what they are. Then welcome the love to heal you in those places in your past. Allow those old stresses to be released into the higher love, and welcome your Higher Self to become alive in those aspects of your soul, healing past and future. This will raise your vibrations and ascend you into greater unity with your Higher Self. You will also feel more grounded, which means your Higher Self is living within your body more fully.

– When you are done, breathe again into your body and heart, and give yourself an inner hug. You will find it feels easier to do that now! Breathe yourself back into the present moment, and release all those circumstances from the present and the past, into the love from Higher Self and Source. Ask the love to continue to work to resolve these issues for you, as you go about your life. Relax for a few moments and enjoy feelings of relief and comfort that are flowing into places now freer and more whole.

This type of work can best be done in layers. Spend an hour working one day, then return to it in a few days, or a week. Schedule a regular time for doing this process if possible. Or keep it on the to-do list for your week and take the time when you can find it. It seems like work, but when you are done, there is a deep relaxation that feels like sweet relief. If you would like to go deeper with this work supported by me, there is contact information in my bio.


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