Universal Life Energy


Universal Life Energy
By Nancy Lynn

When you really think about it, life is incredible. We have one universe, over 300 billion stars in the Milky Way, and about one hundred billion planets. Yet somehow, by some extraordinary way, the universe found a perfect balance of elements that made it possible for us humans to inhabit this wonderful planet we call, home. The earth is in perfect harmony with the sun and other planets which allows us to breathe, grow plants and use natural resources all so that we can continue to go about our daily lives.

The universe itself is hard enough to wrap our brains around, however, let’s review the extraordinary complexity of our body. You have one heart that continually pumps blood to feed, filter and clean your body, and a brain that fires millions of tiny neurons in order to give your muscles commands, some of which are the ability to speak, walk and make decisions. This is a truly miraculous system that works together as one of the most complex machines on earth. If you ever take a look at how a child is able to go from the size of an infant to a full-grown adult, that alone is evidence of a miracle.

Scientist credit the creation of our universe to a concept called, the big bang theory. According to research, it states that the universe once fit into the size of a coffee mug, then one day exploded outwards to create our ever expanding universe. However, I would like to contribute the thought that everything in existence comes from a concept called, universal life energy. It is the very foundation of our being.

Universal life energy houses the soul, our emotions and feelings; just like everything else in the universe it is typically harmonious as it is subject to possible stagnation. This spiritual science states that all energy in the universe stems from one source. In Japan it is referred to as “Ki”, the Chinese know it is as “Chi” and Egyptians call it “Sekham”. Even though the names are different, the concept is consistent from all corners of the world as to what the bio-plasmic energy, soul, spirit energy or Aura uses to manifest the greater connection.

How does this play into our lives? We have effectively used this in healing practices such as: Reiki, Reflexology, stone and crystals and many more. These forms of healing are used on the body to align and cleanse the energy fields; not just to increase the flow, as much as opening them up to create a smooth and balanced flow of energy. This can be done by re-patterning, reconstructing and/or enhancing the flow of energy. The goal is to have balance and free flowing energy and a stronger connection with one’s higher self.

By tapping into the universal energy, we are also connecting with the universal consciousness. Since all minds are connected, we are all part of the same energy. We all have access to this vast database of information, like one giant computer of universal knowledge. Universal knowledge is simply a collection of frequencies, just like any other, that we can learn to access, ask questions, and receive our answers. Though it can and does at times come in code, as we grow, we become better and better at programming and understanding this universal knowledge and its language. Isn’t it miraculous that we have the ability to use this pool of intelligence to our advantage? It is a perfect example of how our worlds and lives combine to form a harmonious union between the body and soul.

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Nancy Lynn is a gifted medium, able to speak with spiritual guides and those who have crossed over. Her mission is to help people reconnect to their own spiritual insight and to their own unique gifts. She provides information on areas of concern in the present that need attention. Nancy founded "Opening to Enlightenment" which provides workshops, training, and self-help sessions that cover a variety of topic areas. She is excited about the opportunity to help you on your journey of personal growth and enlightenment. Visit Nancy’s web site at www.nancyote.com to obtain further information about workshops, spirit fests and future events, or email her at blueraven318@gmail.com.


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