You Are Worthy


You Are Worthy
By Barbra White

After more than 20 sessions in the last week focused on worth, I feel called to remind everyone…it is only when we attach something to our worth do we suffer. Real worth is remembering you are consciousness, and the qualities of Creation. Worth based on performance, others’ emotions, or situations is not real worth.

Worth based on your body is hell on earth. Identify with the body and you now believe you can be attacked, and rejected. There is great pain and joy with being in human form. BUT if you maintain your connection to your innate worth, the pain can become interesting, and a curious phenomena to you.

It is humble to accept your worth. Your beauty, preciousness, intelligence, gifts, and wisdom are already given. Opening to your innate worth means shedding your gripping attachment to “me,” “mine,” and “my body”. See your own brilliance and you then must see it in all people. You will perceive the world as you see yourself.

Your dreams are waiting. You don’t have to “earn” your good…rather, you must open. Your dreams or good are NOT based on your worth…OR how much you please a deity, your boss, spouse, etc. No one outside of you has this power. It is already given.
You can try to heal, OR, you can yield to the health already within you. You can strive to manifest, OR, to be an instrument of Creation in your everyday life. You can try ‘to get’, or you ‘can let.’ Your value and preciousness are here now. No one can give you your worth or take it away.
In working with hundreds of people on worth, I have seen a formula to opening to the good that is waiting:
#1 Yield to your innate worth.
#2 Choose love moment by moment, and ask for help.

What do I mean? 80% of your desire is already done, already complete; held in the quantum field, vibrational escrow, or also called, “the mind of God.” 20% depends on you. (10% is free will. 10% is opening to help on a physical, Earthly level.)

10% is your free will. You can block miracles or you can open. Your willingness to grow is the magical ingredient to being available to miracles. 10% is the tool you use (nature, prayer, visioning process, a friend, therapist, mantra, etc.) Don’t forget, 80% is already done…don’t fight for what is already given.

You become miracle-ready by feeling pain with non-judgment and asking for help. Emotional pain can be a gift to show you your limiting beliefs and birth you into the next version of yourself. The way off the highway of hell, was also the way on. The limiting belief that created the pain will fall away as the pain is felt without adding story.

Life has pain. (Also, the intense pain you feel for your loved ones or all the tragic events on the planet is very normal.) BUT pain becomes suffering when the mind adds stories such as: “I am not enough”, “I shouldn’t be feeling this”, “If I was stronger I wouldn’t let this get to me”, or “If I was more loving he would be better.” Stories added to pain = suffering.

“What did I do to deserve this?” creates the most suffering. The mind will tell you all sorts of reasons about what you did to “deserve” this (stories of blaming yourself or others). The mind tries to get “control” of the pain by adding stories. So, essentially, even the stories are not “bad.” Avoid suffering by choosing as best you can, to not believe the stories. Witness the mind’s stories with curiosity and say “hello” to them. Don’t argue with them. This gives them fuel.

The ego mind will move toward the fight to distract you from the prosperity and beauty that wants to emerge through you. Why? Essentially we ALL feel “safer” in the unworthiness. Sure, you don’t consciously think, “Hey, I want to feel like a scum ball.” ALL human minds hold to unworthiness to maintain the limited beliefs around the physical body identification and cultural conditioning. The subconscious is not fully convinced that you can be fully YOUR TRUE SELF and be loved. However, like all limiting beliefs, these thoughts are not even real. Your True Self is Love…is God…so once you consciously surrender to “You,” the question and the questioner fall away.
The world honors struggle as a badge of worth.
Your worth is already given.
Life can be easier.

It takes deep conscious surrender to let go to your innate worth. Intentional surrender to what is already given is a different planet than complacency. One holds true power, the other your hell.


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