Gratitude Allows You to Create What you Want in Your Life

Have you ever seen two people laughing together and really enjoying each other, who look like they would never be friends, or who look like they are in need of some prosperity or maybe a good meal? You think to yourself, “Wow-I want that!” You think to yourself, “I have a nice life, get paid fairly well, and have good friends.” But you don’t feel like you enjoy your friends like these two people are enjoying each other or life in general. You want those feelings or attitudes they have. How do they do it? What do they know that you do not?

The answer lies in the believing…the power of believing something first to be true before it even comes to be. All you need to do to feel as happy or full of joy as those two people is to take a moment and feel grateful for everything you have in your life. Really appreciate what you have and where you are. When you can accept where you are, you can create what you want.

So, if you want to change your world outside, change your world inside. And enjoy the process. Use your thoughts to create the feelings of joy that you want. Believe you can have, be, or do what you desire. Be just as grateful for the things you receive in your mind’s image as for the things you receive in your outside life. When you create in your head and heart what you want, be just as grateful, just as loving, and just as appreciative as you will be when it happens in your reality. Create what you want in your mind, and believe it will manifest in your life. Feel the attitudes or desires on the inside first, in anticipation of your desired outcomes, and your world outside will reflect those attitudes.

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About the writer: Faith Bower

Faith Brower is an Early Childhood Educator and Director, She has her Bachelors in English and Masters in Early Childhood Leadership. She has served in various roles at Unity Churches in Chicago and the Greater Detroit area. Faith is currently writing books for children and adults to help support them in maneuvering through divorce and death experiences.

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