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new-healthyyou-machine-snack-only-angle-72dpi-1Better Healthier Vending choices are great for you and your colleagues — at no cost to your company!

Many companies have implemented, or are in the process of implementing, Corporate Wellness Programs as a means to help lower rising health care costs and promote a healthier, more productive workforce. Eating a healthy, balanced diet has many benefits for the overall health of your employees, including increased energy and work productivity — even fewer sick days. A healthy diet can also help prevent health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and Type 2 diabetes.

Have you ever taken a look at the ingredients listed on the food you buy? Most people can answer, “Yes,” they have peeked. But have you ever looked at the ingredients listed on all the food you purchase including the snacks, packaged food, spices, sauces, butters, broths, cheeses, beverages– I mean everything? Not many people have because this is such an overwhelming task. We are busy people and it takes much of our precious time to grocery shop. Who has time to read that teeny tiny lettering on EVERYTHING!

Over the past years we have become excellent at this because it became necessary. The mission is to eat all of our food from its most natural state of existence.

What this means to us is: Organic, Fresh, Non GMO, All Natural, Gluten Free, Natural Sugars, Minimal Processing, and Minimal ingredients.

Due to our desire to be healthy ourselves, while also growing an “Organic” child, we are passionate about helping send the message to others. We hope that our example with leading the way on this voyage towards health will inspire people to learn and make choices that they can be happy with. Key word here is CHOICES. Shouldn’t we have the choice to choose a healthier snack and drink option? Wouldn’t it be great if it was right there in the break room at your convenience? Having on-the-go snack options that give you healthy fuel for a successful day is what our company Better Health Vending will do for you.

Hi, we are Angie and Jerrud with Better Health Vending, LLC. We are lifelong residents of Michigan and advocates of healthy vending.

You’ve all seen the stats on increasing rates of childhood and adult obesity rates. The good news is that change is coming. Schools are providing more nutritious meals and more and more businesses are looking at healthy vending as an addition to their Corporate Wellness Program. This is where we come in.

At Better Health Vending, LLC, we bring a healthy vending option to businesses and facilities in Michigan. We can place our healthy vending machine next to traditional snack and drink machines, or we can replace the junk food machines with our healthier option.

There is no cost to your company. If you are interested in receiving more information or you would like us to visit your facility, please fill out the information on the Contact Us page or call us directly at: 734-972-7125. Visit:

Have a Healthy Day!


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