sugilite-40452Sugilite was first discovered in 1944 in Japan. Small deposits have been found in Canada, but most of the sugilite available today is from South Africa. It is usually found in masses, rarely forming prismatic crystals.

Its color ranges include various shades of purples and magentas with black. The black in sugilite is manganese. Almost everyone is deficient in manganese; it helps with muscle cramping, headaches, and pain. Just holding the sugilite on the area, the manganese will absorb the pain.

Sugilite is one of my favorite stones because it has so many great benefits. It is aN excellent stone for empaths and sensitive people, shielding one in a violet bubble of protection. It holds the energy of the violet flame, helping to transmute all lower vibrational energy, fears, and chaos to a higher vibration of ascension, oneness and unity. It has the same vibration we had before we were born, raising our vibration to the same vibration that we had when we chose our life path.

It is very beneficial for all ages, especially those born in the time periods during the indigo and crystal children. Often, indigo and crystal children have anxiety over not remembering their life path and purpose. Once we have woken our dreams, remembered our life purpose, sugilite helps us to ground our dreams in the physical realm, aiding us in attracting whatever we need to follow our life purpose.

It is also beneficial for helping us remember our dreams at night and to bring guidance through them. Sugilite floods us with a calming peaceful energy, restoring and revitalizing our pituitary, adrenal glands and nervous system. Its deep violet colors make it beneficial when used on the crown and third eye chakras. Sugilite opens our crown chakra to help us channel more light to this planet. It aids us with all types of change and our planetary transformation.

One easy way to remember your life path using sugilite is during meditation. Place one piece of sugilite on the third eye chakra during meditation for 15 minutes every day for 30 days. It can also be beneficial to carry it on you in your auric field. Allow your physical body and auras to vibrate at the same vibration you had when you choose your life path, giving you complete cellular memory recall. Be open and receptive to whatever you feel, see or hear; some of the things you receive may be new concepts and ideas for you. Just allow yourself to be open to everything you receive. Have fun!


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