“Through the Portals of Time” new book release!


Through the Portals of Time is a wonderful book full of information, written by Patricia A. Nelson and Flora L. Ash, two local Mid-Michigan authors. The book takes the reader on a journey of enlightenment through time from the beginning to the present and even highlights what the future may hold. Each chapter is filled with information and answers to many questions that one may have.

The questions regarding who we are and why we are here are answered. Other questions such as who or what is God and what the “others” and “made in our image” mean as found in Genesis. These questions are also answered. The seven days of creation are discussed and added as are various stories of creation by other authors.

The authors also look at why certain people changed their names in the Bible and explain the reasoning behind these name changes. The story of the Garden of Eden is reviewed and explains why it was Eve and not Adam who ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.

Evolution and involution of man is also given as well as the aspect of animal soul groups. Evolution is ongoing and does not stop at death but continues on, and on and on. Death and NDE’s, or near death experiences, are also looked at. The authors explain what happens when we die and tells you about the invisible worlds that exist beyond this physical plane.

Since evolution does not stop at physical death but continues, so does communication with those whom are deceased. The physical body has ceased to exist but the essence of the individual continues to live on and is able to communicate with those still living on the Earth plane. Many individuals seek out mediums and psychics in order to have communication with their loved ones who are on the other side. The authors talk about this and also give you stories of those hearing that small still voice from within.

Another interesting point in the book is “are we our brother’s keeper?” With all the turmoil going on in the world today one may wonder if this is the case. Once you have read what the authors say about this you will have your answer.

Oftentimes we wonder, how does the universe work? We know that man has his laws to keep things in order, so wouldn’t you assume that the universe also has laws to keep things working smoothly? A few of these Universal Laws are discussed.

Nearing the end of the book the unity of mankind is discussed; you may wonder, what does that mean? It does not mean that one group of individuals is better than another or that one’s religious beliefs are better than another. What it does mean is that all men, women and children are to be united. We are to come together as one.

A supplemental section has been added to aid the reader in his or her search for enlightenment. The White Light of Protection has been given to help one in protecting themselves, and those around them. Also, the Effective Prayer by James V. Goure has been added with permission from the Light Center United Research, plus other information.

Through the Portals of Time would be a wonderful Christmas gift or gift for any occasion for yourself or someone else, and can be purchased through Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and Balboa Press.com.


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