Speaking with Spirit


I am frequently asked during counseling sessions or at seances, How do you get to communicate with spirit? My answer is always simple. How do you communicate with folks here in the physical world? Often the person asking says, “Well, I call them up or text them. You can’t text someone in spirit.”

My reply is, “Why not? True, there are probably no cell phones in the spirit world, but that is because they are not needed there as much as they seem to be needed here in the physical.

As I began my spiritual unfoldment many decades ago, I was taught that “THOUGHT” is the language of spirit. Meaning that all you need to do is “think” of someone in spirit and they will know.

Most people think that this is impossible. Why? We are led to believe that the spirit world is in some far-off never-never land that is completely out of our contact range and that spirit has no interest or ability to communicate back with us. Neither of these ideas are true. In reality, the spirit occupies the same space that we do. Additionally, those in spirit are at least as anxious to communicate with us, as we are to communicate with them. However, regular two-way communication with spirit is a “learned” art, much like speaking a foreign language. At first you may understand only a word or two, but as you practice, you soon become fluent and can understand all that is said. How did we get to this misunderstanding?

Unfortunately, there is no one who can verifiably attest that they have gone into spirit, stayed long enough to learn the ways, and then returned to the physical. Therefore, all that is known is supposition. Many true spirit mediums have learned to listen to messages from spirit, but not ALL. Or course, EVERYONE would like to be able to. As a result, those uninformed or under educated, create senarios attempting to explain the process. As with any hearsay, the further the message gets from its original source, the more distorted it becomes. This results in misunderstanding and outright falsehoods.

In truth, spirit communion is relatively simple. In addition to family and friends who have crossed over, everyone has five or six spirit guides that are with them virtually all of the time. To communicate with someone we know, we need only to sit in the quiet, think about the person in as much detail as possible and then speak to them as if they were present in the room with us. After you have made your “call” to them, speak clearly and specifically about what is on your mind. If you need help or guidance, then in what way can they help? When we are done talking, we need to remain in silence and listen within our mind. Those in spirit will answer. You can also ask them to answer in your dreams.

I mentioned earlier, that thought was the language of spirit; Why then do I speak? Speaking creates a vibration, which I believe helps them hear us. When asking for your spirit guides, these are most often folks that we have not met in this lifetime. And I‘ve never known anyone to have all male or all female guides, so I suggest that when you first start calling for them that you sit in the quiet, and ask, “OK guys and gals, I have a problem” then state your need.

Over time you will learn who your guides are and be able to call them by name. Often during séance, guides come through and give us advice and assistance as well as who they are. Like anything else, the more you practice this, the easier it gets. When you finally hear your first response from spirit, your life will change forever. Join us at Mystiques~West on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM for our weekly public séance; we’ll be there to help you get started.

Ray Fraser is the owner of Mystiques~West Metaphysical Center in Westland. Mystiques hosts a weekly public séance on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM. For more information about the seances , other classes or psychic readings, give them a call at 734-729-8019.


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