There Is Only the Now


Time only exists in your mind. According to Albert Einstein and others, time and space are not separate entities. They are in the same space, that’s why we call it the “space-time continuum”. As that is true, doesn’t it stand to then realize that you yourself are timeless, and in multiple dimensions at the same time? That you have a self in 400 BC, one in 1650, one now, and, in fact, one in every day and age; that you can experience life from multiple views and perceptions at once? And, wouldn’t this imply that we are here to learn from our experiences and to increase our consciousness?

As we become conscious of our thoughts and the emotions behind them, we can change our behaviors and perceptions of our experiences. Being vibrational beings, if we realize that our emotions are only energetic vibrations, and that we can change them, our thoughts change, our perceptions change, and so does our behavior. Taking our knowledge that there is no such thing as time, it would appear that all our lifetimes are energetically connected and thus change also.

There is only the now. In the past, at the time, we would’ve said we were in the now, in the future, at the point were we are asked, it will be now. That is what being is all about, we are always here, now. Just being. There is no other moment but now, so whatever you do, it is now. You can’t do something now yesterday or tomorrow. All you can do is do and be in the now, yet what you choose to do and be shows up in your future when you receive the consequences, or reap what you’ve sown, positive or negative. So choose your perceptions, emotions, thoughts and behavior with care and mindfulness.

Changing things in the material does not last long. Only by changing our vibration, which affects our emotions and perceptions, which then leads to our thoughts, and then to our chosen actions. You can never change your life for long by forcefully changing your material life, gaining items, a better job, that gorgeous mate, nor all the money in the world if your inner self, your personal vibration and emotions, perceptions and thoughts are not in alignment with that abundance and love.

So, be aware of your emotions and thoughts. They bring you what you experience. Keep your thoughts in harmony with how you envision your life, now and in the future. The Creator will give you exactly what you envision, just make sure your foundation is healthy and its’ vibrations are in accordance with divine laws regarding abundance, love. Your vibrations will attract what you vibrate to you, and your emotions, perceptions, thoughts and behaviors are signposts to guide you on your way.

Each day is another portal into your now, past and future. What we choose to do vibrationally affects all our timelines. And as we are vibrational beings, we reap what we sow, so our today, in this moment, is a result of our past choices. Today, we can mindfully choose what we do by listening to our inner wisdom. This gives us the power to be the guide to our life and the abundance and love we desire, accomplishing our goals and becoming our actualized self, fulfilling our full potential.

Love and Light,

Miche Lame’


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