Working With Angels and Giving Thanks


Every living thing has an angel that calls it into existence, holds the essence and being of its truest self, and nurtures it toward the fulfillment of its potential. As we arrive at the season of Thanksgiving and the celebration of a year’s harvest and abundance, I’d like to inspire you to a meaningful partnership with these divine creatures, the angels!

The sweet, spiritual energy of the angels is essential to our lives; they are powerful, but gentle, beautiful to spiritual senses, innocent and diligent in service and in unconditional love. The fulfillment of their purpose is often challenged by the practices of human beings who seek to control and manipulate life through industrialization, chemistry and genetic modifications.

We can appreciate the reasoning behind these practices, the resistance to parasites and disease, as well as the long shelf life they provide for foods; however, we know it changes their quality, diminishing the vital life force and nutrition, and making them harder to digest. These practices also disrupt the life of the soil, water and other creatures; and the healthy bacterial state is imbalanced to a dangerous level because of them.

To help counter-balance these challenging forces that humans bring to the production of food, we can work with the angels; supporting and assisting them to bring our food, soil and water through these disruptions to a wholesome fulfillment of their true purpose, despite them.

It is a simple thing to honor the angels of the food and water you consume, or prepare for others. As you choose foods for purchase, as you store them, and as you handle them to prepare meals, here is the most natural way that you can enhance their life force, nutrition and shelf life.

1- Greet the food respectfully and lovingly, remembering and naming what kind of creature it was when it was alive or in its natural state. Remember it as though it were produced in a natural and loving environment, respected, relaxed, joyful. Thank it for sharing its life with you, and thank those who brought it to you. Love it.

2- Honor and welcome the angel of the food, which is present with the food itself. Thank the angel for working with whatever natural forces nourished the foods life, including soil, sun, water, air, people and environment. Request the angel to ask the foods forgiveness for all inorganic and unloving practices; to work with the Higher Power to heal it, better than if it had been organically grown, ripened to its full nutritional value and harvested fresh now. If it is animal, that it be free range, organic and handled with love and gratitude. Give thanks for the healing of any negative state retroactively to its start in life. Welcome it to be as delicious, full flavored, nutritious and fresh as can be. Love it. Take a few seconds to recall its best flavors, textures and nutritional gifts; this helps the angel to strengthen those qualities.

3- Thank the angel for doing this, and ask that it will stay fresh, nutritious and delicious until it can all be eaten with no spoilage or loss of quality and flavor (up to a week will usually work).

Preparing food that has been healed in this way becomes a service to the world, strengthening the true qualities of others of the same life forms as those you are blessing and eating. It reminds them of who they are truly, and helps them sustain the joyful spirit they were designed to carry. Eating food that is loved and joyful helps you be more loving and joyful also. Such a gift, and so much to be thankful for!

You may not have time to do this every time you prepare food. One busy mother I know blesses all the food in her refrigerator together, rather than each item individually. I like doing the individuals when I have time, because I feel so much love; it is a very joyful exchange of energy, and makes my life feel richer. It also enhances the flavor and vital energy of the food better. You can do this for your water too!

The same can be done for food and drink others have prepared for you. You can do it in advance of the meal, by imagining doing it when you are there, if you prefer. Sensitive people may get tummy aches or heartburn when eating out; it may be the cook or server, not the food itself! Include in your request to the angel, that any negativity from the preparer or server be blessed and healed.

This Thanksgiving, may your feast be filled with the deeper beauty and life that the angels bring!


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