Body Cleansing


baby-1150954_1280 Our bodies cleanse themselves, removing toxins, through several Elimination Channels. These channels must be fully functioning for optimal health and if even one elimination channel is slow, this tends to result in a build-up of substances that are harmful to your health, even if it takes years to become apparent.

These elimination channels are four: 1) The colon with bowel movements, 2) The kidneys and bladder with urine, 3) The lungs with expiration, and 4) The skin with sweating and release through the pores.

Have you ever seen someone with acne? Chances are, the problem lies in sluggishness in one of the other elimination channels, often the colon. The body is great at compensating and when one elimination channel is not working well, the other channels have to pick up the slack, but will tend to have a hard time truly keeping up, hence acne as in this one example.

Examples can be widely varied. I had a patient come to me a few months ago with apparent lung problems and coughing that had been going on for months. Understandably, this patient was concerned and ready to improve their health. I found that the root of the problem was actually sluggish kidneys. Once the kidneys were helped to cleanse properly, the cough and lung problem went away. There are countless ways the body will compensate; these are just two examples.

The skin is a powerful and important elimination channel that is often totally neglected and abused. Sweating is not only good, it is vital. Please don’t use anti-perspirants. They block your pores from sweating properly in a region that is adjacent to the lymphatic system, which is particularly vital to allow toxins to release. Not only are the release of toxins hampered in this way, but to make matters worse, anti-perspirants tend to be loaded with toxic chemicals and metals that can get absorbed by your body. Oh my gosh, such a routine thing that is so detrimental to our health! Get a natural deodorant, please. If you find them not effective enough, that is an indicator that you are desperate for cleansing, meaning your body is not as clean inwardly as it should be.

There are natural ways to get the skin releasing toxins adequately. One of them is Dry Skin Brushing. If you’d like more information on this, I’d be happy to mail you an article as well as where to buy your natural-bristle skin brushes. Used regularly, skin brushing can even reduce wrinkles and cellulite. Another important factor is wearing clothes of natural fibers. Cotton is really wonderful, allowing your skin to breathe. Synthetics prevent proper elimination through the skin.

I hope you enjoyed the information and I would love to help you improve your health!


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