Creative Heartfelt Gifting


gift-444519_1280 ‘Tis the season again, to give and receive. Truly, isn’t that what it’s all about? To show someone dear to you that you care, that they hold a special place inside your heart.

Before you rush to the store to find that perfect trinket or bobble, why not consider giving a creative gift from you! Use whatever you’ve got. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s made with sincerity and loving affection. Show them what they mean to you with a creative, thoughtful declaration of your loving expression.

Creative ways to heartfelt gifting:

– Use whatever creative abilities and talents you have; it can be anything from a painting to poetry.

– Consider your loved one’s interests. Create something that you know they will love, then wrap it all up with a big pretty bow!

Namaste and happy holidays to all, Abby


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