What to Expect From a Hands-on Healing Session

41366874 - healer with golden healing orb energy female holding hands in cupped position with a bright golden orb energy hovering above and sparkles around finger tips

41366874 - healer with golden healing orb energy  female holding hands in cupped position with a bright golden orb  energy hovering above and sparkles around finger tips
41366874 – healer with golden healing orb energy female holding hands in cupped position with a bright golden orb energy hovering above and sparkles around finger tips
Since opening The Indigo Doors, I’ve been surprised how many people don’t know what Reiki is or what a Hands-on Healing is. It seems everyone is familiar with a psychic reading, and most people have done it at least once. A healing on the other hand, is something most people aren’t sure about and definitely something they haven’t participated in. Sometimes I try to explain it by exploring what the “Rei” and “Ki” or the life force energy of Reiki means, but I begin to see the deer in the headlights — blank expressions of the person I’m talking to. I’m not sure if I’m explaining poorly or if the concepts of an energy healing is too outside of the norm. And honestly, breaking down the varying theories about quantum physics by showing how energy impacts the physiology of the body is actually boring to me. Fascinating and boring; I simply don’t care if my brain can break down, in a linear way, what I can experience with my whole being. So if that is the article you want to read, you might want to stop reading. However, if you would like to spend a few minutes exploring what to expect from an energy healing like Reiki, Quantum Touch, Resonance Balancing, Pranic Healing and many more, please read along!

Before You Schedule

It is important to understand that even though there is a belief system and theoretical background each healing practitioner follows, depending on their training or experiences, each and every healing is unique. Just as each person is different, their experiences or what they take away from a healing session is one-of-a-kind. That being said, make sure to ask questions of your practitioner! Check in with yourself and ask what you need to know to feel safe or prepared for the session. You might want to know their background or training, what the space looks like, or what exactly will happen when you get there. A Healer’s intent is to make you feel as comfortable and safe as possible, so that you get the most out of your healing experience. We like questions!

The most important aspect of any healing is YOU. If you are open and willing to change or grow, this will enhance your healing experience. Sometimes I have clients come in and tell me they want to test me and see what I know or see. I always honor that this is what they need from the experience, but I wonder if they could get more out of their healing if they focused on themselves and not me. On the flip side of this, I do feel you need to be discerning about your practitioner. Trust your intuition or what you think about your healer over someone’s credentials or even the referral from a friend.

Possible Expectations During a Session

Please note this is in no way a comprehensive explanation of every detail of a healing but some common occurrences one might experience.

To increase feelings of comfort and to understand your intent, most healers will spend time at the beginning of the session talking with you. This allows the practitioner and client to get to know each other. I always use this time to explore what the client wants out of the session. Some healing practitioners will also allow time at the end of the session to process the experience.

Practitioners of Energy Healings have you laying back in a comfortable chair or massage table type bed. This allows the practitioner to work with the body’s natural abilities to relax and balance itself because the body is relaxed in this position. It is important to understand that most Hands on Healers will touch the body at some point, some more than others. If at any time you feel emotionally or physically uncomfortable, it is necessary to speak up and ask the healer to stop. Please note that most, but not all patients, disclose feeling different types of sensations during a healing but it never reaches a level of discomfort.

During the session, the practitioner might ask you to take deep breaths, relax your muscles or participate in some other type of visualization such as breathing the color blue from the bottom of your feet through the top of your head. This helps the practitioner to connect with the natural self-calming abilities within your body and boost your self-balancing energy. I like to explain a healing as a process of connecting to your greatness or energies to help you balance and heal your own body. This is enunciated by utilizing mindfulness techniques such as deep breathing, visualizations and muscle relaxation.

Some practitioners will talk during the session about what they see in the body’s energies or what they “read” or hear from your guides, higher self or angels. This is very similar to a psychic reading but can be much more personal, intense and relevant to what you are dealing with, healing or changing in your life right now. Many healers are very psychic and intuitive, which allows them to connect and help balance the body in a greater capacity.

In my opinion, a good energy healing will involve all aspects of your being by involving the brain: guided imagery, mindfulness techniques or explanations; the heart: higher self or spirituality; and the body: this is the touching or stretching part of the session.

I hope this feedback helps renounce any qualms some might feel about trying a hands on healing!


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