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13650264_ml Since 1976, the Creative Health Institute (CHI), has had a rich history in transforming the way people look at health. Founded on the principles of a living food plant-based diet, many lives have been changed, renewed and inspired.

Guided by a unique mix of modern science and ancient wisdom, Creative Health Institute provides classes that will stimulate your mind, fresh green food that will nourish your body and soul, and exercises that will give you a sense of vibrancy from your fingers to your toes! They also offer a powerful, cost-effective, cleanse, detox and reboot program.

CHI is an internationally renowned, holistic wellness retreat, located in the quiet countryside of Union City, Michigan. It is the perfect destination to unwind, let go, dream, and discover who you are. As soon as you step onto the grounds of CHI, you know that you are in a place of profound healing.
No doubt, we live in fascinating times. With the internet and technology rapidly changing, there is more to keep up with than ever before. Health is no exception. With such an abundance of information, opinions and points-of-view available, it can be overwhelming and difficult to sift through it all.
The good news is that at the Creative Health Institute, they’ve meticulously done this work for us, having distilled this research into easy-to-understand lectures and interactive classes. They’ve redesigned their program, incorporating the best from the raw food and scientific communities, and they can’t wait to teach you what they’ve learned!

CHI ‘s mission is to, Inspire and empower individuals to lead healthy lives and be well. Each member of their staff has personally experienced and been transformed by what the retreat center teaches. They look forward to sharing their informative classes and programs with you, and enriching your life with health, vitality and wellness. Nourish, Rejuvenate, Grow!

Be sure to check out their “Critical Health Series”, and learn about the most pervasive diseases in the world. Also, in-house expert Dr. Aziz will be leading classes on Confronting Cancer and Hope for Heart Disease, an in-depth look at the biology and science surrounding these ailments and how to manage life after the diagnosis. (For more information see CHI’s listing in the classified section.)

Testimonial: “Before the program, it seemed that much of my life was not right. My health, physical body, spiritual connection and emotions were declining. Today, after CHI’s 21-Day Wellness program, I leave feeling strong, encouraged, knowledgeable and feeling healthy for the first time in years!” D. Post, age 53.

Call 517-278-6260 to reserve your stay. Be sure to ask about their special holiday pricing! For more information, visit: Follow them at:@CHIRetreat, #CHIRetreat. Come and relax, heal, and spend some time at Creative Health Institute’s country home!


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