HOW TO BE YOUR OWN PSYCHIC — Unleash The Guru Within

12117268 - the young beautiful gipsy girl predicts the future on cards.

12117268 - the young beautiful gipsy girl predicts the future on cards.
12117268 – the young beautiful gipsy girl predicts the future on cards.
If you’ve ever had that feeling in your gut about someone and were right, you are psychic. For those seers out there that see the future in dreams, you are definitely highly clairvoyant. Here are some ways to turn on your inner-guru and set flight to your natural-born intuition.

It Happens in Three’s
When you see or hear something three times, Spirit is bending your ear. Run to the bookstore for a book title that keeps coming up. Be sure to see the movie, play or gallery opening recommended by friends and the newspaper. You may just meet your next significant other or someone you totally connect with business-wise at your local museum.

Pay Attention to Visual Cues
Number sequences are huge signposts from the Other Side. 1’s represent new beginnings. Seeing 111 over and over is a sign to let you know you are a powerful creator/creatress and manifesting savant. 7’s are Spirit’s way of saying you are on the right track. Take to heart repetitious sightings of doves, crows or eagles. Doves represent peace, love, Jesus and forgiveness. Crows are magical positive omens and confirmation of your natural intuitive powers foretelling that magic is afoot! Eagles are symbols of clairvoyance, which means clear seeing, and keeping your eye on the prize and the big picture. They can also mean justice. Any animal that keeps showing up for you and in your dreams is a message.

Tune In
Using meditation is a fast track to your intuition. Simply setting the intention and declaring “I AM super intuitive” or “I AM magically gifted intuitively”, opens up the channels. Meditation doesn’t have to be a super-intense or regimented thing. A few minutes of deep breathing right before you get out of bed, or before you go to sleep is a perfect way to start. If you feel you want more, go for it! Be in nature. Let your mind wander and take in beauty for another way to meditate.

Keep an Intuitive Journal
Write down the signs you see. Ponder how they connect to your life. Explore your feelings around intuition. Were you more open when you were young? Were you told that following your intuition was wrong? Write down dreams that you vividly remember. Keep a record of coincidences that happen for you. The attention given to your intuition expands it, bringing you deeper into the veil, the space between this world and the other side where intuition is queen.

Follow Your Hunches
Those feelings you get in your body and mind are your intuition talking. Clairsentients or clear-feelers, may get powerful tugs in their belly. Pay attention to how you feel around people and in places. Your body is giving you valuable information. Heed red flags about people. Claircognizants or clear-thinkers, get mental hunches. Thoughts will pop up into their heads, such as, take this route, or try this idea. Watch my “Ignite Your Intuition Superpower Series” to see how you get your intuition. It’s a fun, quick and easy guide to your unique intuitive style.

Trust Yourself
Believe in your intuitive abilities. You were born with them. We all have them. Trouble is, if you aren’t hanging with the Harry Potter-type peeps and angel and unicorn lovers, pursuing and developing intuitive skills can seem to scare the heck out of people and cause strange looks. You are doing what? Reading oracle cards? Clearing your energy?

When I give intuitive readings, I trust and pass on what I am being told to say. I sometimes get numbers. A three could mean three weeks or three months and be a sign of a new job or relationship coming. Sensitive issues can come up and it comes down to trusting intuition. We all have it!

Trust your intuition. Trust those feelings to call a friend if they keep popping up into your head. They might just be needing a bit of support. Go to different coffee shop if you get the guidance. There might be a reason you got called there, or there was construction or delays to your usual spot.

It’s not rocket science. We are all powerfully intuitive. It is our first sense as far as I am concerned. Have fun connecting to yours!


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