Stone of the Month: Vanadinite


7234-vanadinite Vanadinite is a rare form of small hexagonal crystals. It is most commonly found in the United States, Morocco and New Mexico. The color range includes yellow, burnt orange, browns and deep reds. The vanadinite crystals can be relatively small, and you will often find them attached to the matrix they are formed on.

Vanadinite activates the solar plexus, sacral and base chakras, making it an excellent stone for helping people feel more comfortable on earth and grounded in their physical bodies. It is also a great stone for connecting with and grounding with the earth, providing stamina, endurance, persistence and power. It ignites our creative energies.

Vanadinite is beneficial when used during meditation, helping to quite mental chatter, creating a “no mind” state. It helps us to not squander our physical energy. It aligns all of the chakras and anchors our highest selves into our physical bodies. Vanadinite aids us in defining and pursuing our goals. It stimulates our mind and lower three chakras creating clear thought, organization, vitality and determination for achieving our goals while helping us to remain free from distractions.

The Vanadinite chrystals help clear stagnant energies from our auras, providing for a free flow of energies and ideas. It helps us see and appreciate beauty in all people and things, and opens up our adventurous side. It aids us in breaking free from limitations as well as expectations of others, and balances our masculine and feminine hormones.

Often in the type of healing that I do, people ask me what “grounding” means. Being grounded means being connected into the earth and benefiting from her energies. When we are grounded, we will experience more prosperity, better health and vitality, fewer accidents, and being clear minded and focused in the now.

Most people on earth are empathetic, meaning we are sensitive to other people’s energies. So a lot of times, we don’t like to be grounded because we can feel all of the pain and suffering. Most of us are floating above the earth to avoid feeling so deeply. But we all chose to come here and be on earth at this time, so it is important for us to stay grounded so that we can experience the lessons and situations we created for ourselves before we were born, to aid us with our ascension. Our base chakra directly connects us with the earth; this is the chakra that governs our prosperity, work and home. When we are connected with the earth and drawing from her energies, all of these aspects become abundant. Our five lower chakras are fed and kept healthy by the earth’s energy.

To use Vanadinite to help you ground to the earth, you only need one piece. Prepare yourself for meditation; place the Vanadinite on either the solar plexus, sacral or base chakras. Allow Vanadinite to quiet and calm your mind. Now, feel and visualize tree roots coming out of your base chakra. Visualize and feel these roots extending out away from you, down into the many layers of the earth. Bring these tree roots all the way to the center of the earth, where there is a large iron core crystal. Now see yourself tying these tree roots in a knot around this crystal and you will feel yourself becoming immediately grounded to the earth. When you are ready, bring yourself back up into your body, feeling grounded in all aspects of your life. If there is anything you have been struggling with trying to accomplish, Vanadinite will give you the energy and determination to do it. Have fun!


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