Launch of Healing Power Hour


We are launching a new monthly healing blessing ceremony Healing Power Hour on Tuesday, January 17 (please see ad for details). During this hour long event we shall offer group healing, as well as healing blessings and prayers, combined with a talk or meditation on healing.

Healing Power Hour is designed to be an oasis of healing and peace that we can retreat to on a monthly basis to recharge ourselves physically through receiving healing. It will also help us recharge our “spiritual batteries”, to sustain and nurture us and move us closer to our divine nature, wherein lies peace, joy and love.

The stress of what is happening in the world, as well as the stresses and strains of everyday life, definitely have an emotional and energetic impact upon us. This can create an undercurrent of anxiety and fear that can affect us, if we allow it. It’s important for all of us to take time away from the constant stresses of life and reach inwards and upwards to our spiritual natures; to open ourselves to receive healing from others and to nurture ourselves.

Healing is very simple, because it is a natural ability all of us share. We were born to heal, and many of us have had the experience of reaching out to touch a person who is sick or injured in some way. It is a natural instinct to channel love energy from the strong to the weak. A mother gives healing when her child bangs his knee and she rubs it to make it feel better or embraces the child in her arms. This is a kind of unconscious healing, where the energetically weaker draws upon the energetically stronger individual. Healing is the natural way of life. When we consciously give healing, we are following natural principles, and this helps to attune us to the great laws of creation.

When we hear that a friend or neighbor, someone we love, or even someone on the other side of the world is sick or suffering, our natural urge is to reach out and touch that person. Through distant, or absent healing, we can do just that. We can touch others, not just physically with our hands, but even more profoundly with our love. In Healing Power Hour, we will offer our love to those of us in the group who need healing. We can also send the higher aspects of love out across the ethers of space to another soul anywhere in the world. By expressing our healing nature, we are expressing an aspect of divinity, and this is one of the surest ways to gain our own enlightenment.

Just to give you an idea of the power of healing prayer, studies conducted by physicist, William A. Tiller of Stanford University, provide a scientific theory about the power of the energy emitted by a coherent group energy field. These studies have shown that healing through prayer and touch generates about four volts of energy for the average person. This is a billion times stronger than brain-wave voltages and 100 million times stronger than heart voltages! When we wonder if our prayers really work, we should remember this statistic to inspire us and give us faith.

My husband, Gary, and I will be conducting Healing Power Hour. We are long-time disciples of the Society’s Founder and Spiritual Master, Dr. George King, who taught us how to heal over forty years ago. We have been giving healing ever since and now offer our love and experience to you, during Healing Power Hour.

Healing Power Hour will take place monthly on a Tuesday. Healing is what we do in The Aetherius Society; we send distant healing at our Services, and we offer prayers for world healing. We conduct missions where massive amounts of healing energy is sent out for global healing at times of world crisis. We also give individual healing and this will take place during Healing Power Hour, as well as after our Sunday Services (see ad for details).


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