Just a Little Snack


Much more focus is put on cooking healthy and eating balanced meals than there is on all the little bites we put in our mouth throughout the day, week, and month. They all add up. These little snacks can be damaging to even the healthiest of meal eaters. The snack epidemic is not limited to children. Adults face the daily temptations to snack several times a day as well. We are so busy juggling household and work that we often forget to plan for ourselves. Prepackaged snacks come in handy. They are easy, quick, and ready! Like magic, we only need to look past the illusion and uncover what we are eating.

Most of the prepackaged items that are so convenient, are not good for us because they contain preservatives, higher levels of sugar, fat, and questionable ingredients. They are not the best choices especially if they become part of our daily life. We need to be careful.

We need to assess our bodies and listen to what they tell us. Each person is a different human machine. Figure out how many meals and snacks you need to be your full potential. Consult a dietitian or doctor if you need to. Make a plan for those you care for, they are different than you! If no planning is put forth into how much and what we consume, disaster could be unleashed on our bodies, minds, overall health and well-being.

What can we do about it?


· Plan as much as possible

· Buy Organic fruits and Veggies each week or set them up to be delivered

· Prepare snacks ahead of time and have them ready to grab

· Buy Healthier prepackaged snacks

· Read labels

· Look for minimal ingredients

· Shop at stores that offer a large selection of Organic foods

· Learn the word Organic and always look for it!

What does the USDA Organic label tell you?

· Importantly, the USDA Organic label verifies that the food is not genetically modified. No unnatural pesticides have been used. No growth hormones or antibiotics. Restricted use of chemicals in contact with crops and livestock. No ionizing radiation used. No sewage sludge used. Good to know!

2017 has come! It is going to be the healthiest year yet. Every day we are learning new things about our food. Make it a part of your new year to look for the Organic label. Plan ahead and set yourself up for success in making healthier snack decisions!


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